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How to Deal with Drug Charges by Hiring a Weed Lawyer?

by Eric

Possession of banned substances carries different consequences depending on the drug confiscated from you. An experienced criminal defense lawyer can educate you on your rights. Hiring an attorney is your best resort if you want charges levied against you to be reduced or entirely dismissed. Ensure you talk to a qualified weed lawyer before being interrogated by the cops. The extent of charges depends on the weight of the substance, type of drug, and intended use. Being caught with drugs is a criminal offense, and if convicted, your life turns upside down.

Professional Handling:

Drug charges demand professional handling as one wrong move ruins your reputation and deprives you of opportunities for good. If you have been wrongly charged, your legal representative studies your case to prove your innocence. Any violation discovered is substantial cause to dismiss the charge against you. Every case is unique as the applicable laws may vary. A defense lawyer specializing in the drugs field will use his expertise to question the prosecution’s allegations. They use the following approach to defend you:

  • Collect evidence that works in your favor
  • Interrogate witnesses who discredit the prosecution’s version
  • Protect your rights at every stage of the hearing process
  • Convince the judge and jury that you unknowingly committed an error of judgment
  • Present your case such that it reduces the severity of the punishment you are liable to face

Role of a Licensed Legal Practitioner:

A competent weed lawyer acquaints you with the listed aspects:

  • Exercising your Right to Remain Silent

Enforcement officials will question you when found in possession of drugs. Any statement you make is recorded by officials to use as evidence. You have every right to protect your interests at this stage and subsequently route all information through your attorney.

Your legal aid will educate you on how sharing specific details can adversely impact your case. Any incorrect details mistakenly shared can be twisted to prove your culpability, so it is safer to remain silent. It pays to get your lawyer’s consent before making any disclosure to the interrogating officer.

  • Unlawful Search and Seizure

If the illicit drugs were in full view of the authorities when seized, it is valid evidence. However, drugs found after wrenching open the trunk of your vehicle are not considered valid evidence as the search was unlawful.

When your Fourth Amendment Rights as a defendant are violated, the charges are typically dismissed as unlawful seizures hold no ground for trial. You can only be arrested if the prosecuting officials followed legal search and seizure procedures.

  • Scope to Reduce or Dismiss Charges

Your attorney asks you relevant questions to assess if the enforcement officer had a valid reason to search your premises or your vehicle. If your voluntary consent was not solicited before the search, it amounts to violating your rights.

You would become an innocent victim if the drugs were planted without your knowledge and belong to a third party. Similarly, if the prosecution cannot prove that the banned substance was in your possession, the drug charge itself is baseless. All these inputs assist your legal aid to fight for reducing the penalty or dismissing the charges, as deemed appropriate.

Importance of Being Polite:

In your effort to protect your interests and prove your innocence, you cannot afford to be rude to the officer detaining you. Being polite and cooperative from the word go deprives the prosecution of additional reasons to point fingers.

When you resist arrest or detention, you are liable to face extra charges. Allow your chosen attorney to defend you using every legal weapon available. For your benefit, resort to professional intervention at an early stage. Connect with a qualified attorney who has experience in handling drug charges and believes in giving the accused a fair chance.

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