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5 Tips to Find the Best Sexual Assault Lawyer in Sydney

by Eric

Sexual assault accusations can lead to catastrophic consequences such as severe criminal penalties, unemployment and social stigma. These allegations have the power to ruin lives even when the accused is not found guilty. The Australian Institute of Family Studies (AIFS) estimates that over 2%-10% of sexual crime allegations are, in fact, false.

For someone who is accused of a sexual assault in Sydney or nearby regions, it’s essential to take the right legal help. It’s best to hire a professional sexual assault lawyer Sydney or NSW to defend your case, as inadequate legal representation in sexual crime can leave a significant impact on your life.

When accused of a sexual assault crime, the last thing you want to do is fight your case on your own. The legal system is very complex, and a qualified sexual assault lawyer should always represent you in serious lawsuits like sexual crimes. So how does one find the best lawyer for fighting the sexual assault case? Here are five tips to help you find the best sexual assault lawyer in Sydney.

  1. Try to find a lawyer with specific experience in sex crime defence.

No one would want a dentist to perform open-heart surgery on them. Similarly, you wouldn’t want just another lawyer with no prior experience representing your sex crime defence.

You need to find someone who has specific experience representing individuals accused of sex crimes. Before hiring an attorney, ask how long they have been focusing on sex crimes defence. Attorneys experienced in the field tend to know more about laws and loopholes and will be able to leverage anything and everything they can to get you acquitted.

  1. Read testimonials and reviews from former clients.

The lawyer’s previous clients will help you know more about his/her work ethics, experience, way of handling cases, strengths and weaknesses. This information will help you decide whether you should hire him/her or not.

You can refer to the law firm website or the lawyer’s website to find testimonials and case results. You can also ask the lawyer for the references to the clients and where you can see that information. Review sites like Yelp and Google business also accumulate multiple customer reviews.

  1. Keep your evidence safe.

In some sexual harassment cases, it’s a matter of perception about the situation. The accuser may find something offensive or harassing which you perceive innocent. That’s why it is crucial to gather and preserve the evidence, which will help shed some light on what actually happened, as there are usually two sides to the story. It’s best to gather and preserve evidence such as emails, text messages, call records, or eyewitnesses that would help you to prove your innocence.

Expert lawyers know how important this is and help gather and preserve the evidence that could potentially exonerate you.

  1. Ask the right questions.

You can assess the quality of the attorney by asking the right questions. The answers will help you decide whether to hire that lawyer or not. Ask these questions to the sexual assault lawyer to test his expertise and experience:

  • What is your experience in handling sex crime cases?
  • Since when have you been practising legally as a sexual assault lawyer in Sydney?
  • Will you be representing my case personally or through someone else(colleague, boss, assistant, junior)?
  • What were the outcomes of similar cases that you handled in the past?
  • Which is your prime location of work? (Asking this question is essential as a lawyer who works in Sydney would better understand the local laws, judges, and courts.)

It will be easier to determine whether or not this lawyer is the right one for you by asking these questions.

  1. Have all the correct paperwork

Before meeting your lawyer, make sure you have all the relevant documentation and paperwork, such as bail paperwork or paperwork provided to you by the court or arresting office. Choosing the right attorney to represented your sexual assault case is highly essential to help you win the case. These tips will help you to find the best sex crime attorney in Sydney or anywhere in Australia.

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