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We are the ecommerce development team you need to succeed

by REX

A reliable ecommerce websites website serves as the backbone of your online retail business, and we understand the importance of using the latest technology to maximize your online store’s profitability. Our e-commerce solutions offer the best standard features and capabilities while remaining flexible and fully customizable. Our group can build up tradition functionality from scratch, integrate with ERP systems, drag data from numerous sources, and tailor a solution to fit your brand and e-commerce goals. Here is no boundary to what your ecommerce website can attain.

Ecommerce websites nz have changed the way consumers shop online and have changed the way they sell and market products. If you are a large corporation looking to develop a personalized, well-branded e-commerce website, simple brackets offers staff and solutions to help you achieve your goals on a large scale. With limitless features and possibilities, we push the boundaries of custom e-commerce website design to bring new ideas to life. From initial consultation and brainstorming to design and implementation, your project will be carried out professionally and creatively. Simple brackets have experience with Fortune several companies and offers staff for all tastes.

We are an expert e-commerce web design company offering the following e-commerce website development services in NZ

Build and discover e-commerce website wireframes

The first step in the ecommerce websites nz design process is to develop a layout for the website and all the pages it contains. Think of the wireframe as a website design. Through an in-depth research process, we will understand your front-end design and back-end functionality needs.

Custom website design

First with an empty white page, we go throughout a whole custom design and branding process. Our inventive team will design an ecommerce website that not only looks immense but is built with functionality in intelligence.

Checkout and credit card processing

Whether you need a basic checkout or a custom checkout process, our development team can cater to your needs. We also integrate with many standard e-commerce payment processors and can integrate with custom payment gateways.

Custom e-commerce features

Whether you want to create a unique website or have your own business rules that will make it easier to managed your ecommerce website, we have our own development team to answer your queries. For more detail Click here free eCommerce options

ERP / Amazon / eBay / Marketplace Integration

Integrate your website with your ERP system or other third party services. These integrations will help keep your data in sync, provide real-time data, and improve the user experience for your website.

Advertising mailing

E-commerce email campaigns are one of the most effective marketing channels available. We will not only integrate your website with your email provider, but we will also help you design and develop effective strategies.

Import of products and data

Viewing current product data, customer data, or past order history are just a few examples of frequently performed data imports. Regardless of what data you need to move or the size of the scope, we have extensive experience in managing these tasks.

SEO friendly development

Our in-house SEO team makes us the best ecommerce SEO service provider in the country. Our marketers will be involved with your project from start to finish; ensuring your launch runs smoothly and the ratings continue and rise.

Website integration with social media for lead generation and engagement

No matter what marketing channel you use to spread the word about your business, your website should always be the main hub where you return your targeted leads and customers. This gives you more control over your prospect’s experience and helps you eliminate the distractions your target audience might encounter if they find you on other websites.

What is social media website integration?

More than 90 percent of companies in the NZ use the power of social media to promote their business. Website public media mixing is the procedure of increasing your marketing by redirecting your social media followers to your website and making your social media platforms accessible to your target audience and customers through your website.



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