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by Eric

In the past, Salecb operated an online store where we could purchase items for daily use. The website’s content, which was inappropriate and plagiarised from other websites, made it appear to be a scam, though.

Buyers need to be aware that there are more and more phoney online shops popping up every day. Additionally, you should avoid purchasing anything from these shops because you won’t receive the merchandise or a refund. This is a total waste of time, energy, and resources!

Everyone is talking about salecb and their salecb Dewalt tools. Salecb is an online store and offering its power tools at a huge discount. Now the question is how is this possible? Is salecb legit? There are thousands of questions in the mind of buyers that they should buy these tools or not. In this salecb review, we’ll completely describe the facts, user experiences, and scams that will ensure you about the credibility and worth of salecb.

Poor design:

In this time of era utmost, all brands and online stores have a beautiful website with beautifully designed products. But in salecb there is nothing that looks professional. There website’s design is poor and nonprofessional. Designing is not proper and products are not well displayed. This is a big indication that this is a fake website. Read more about Green Card vs Visa.

Invalid company details:

Every brand has valid company information addresses and contact numbers that indicate its originality and authentication. But salecb doesn’t have any information on their website. They don’t have any address, contact number, and valid proof of their online store. This is a clear indication of a scam.

Don’t share credit card information:

With all the above discussions, it is proved that salecb is not a valid store for purchase they are scammers. So don’t share your credit card and personal information with them. If you’ve already shared then immediately contact your bank and change your credentials right now. We have received many complaints about salecb scam.

Salecb Scam:

Salecb is a scammer online store that provides huge discount offers on their tools and after order, they don’t send tools to buyers. They steal the personal information of buyers.

Some User experiences:

There are many salecb reviews on different websites and comments. We’ll share some recent speak of some buyers in the following.

  • Michael D Woods

Experienced the same results and behavior everyone else has had here. Clearly a scam. Ordered DeWalt tools – got eye patches. Lied to me for a year.
HOWEVER, I kept the original packaging along with the sender information. And I’m going to continue to keep it. I don’t know if it will help anyone here to have it, but it sure can’t hurt.

  • Mebane

Salecb is not a legitimate website. I started communicating with them in November 2019. I responded to a popup ad for some DeWalt cordless tools. They processed my credit card payment but never sent me the tools. After I waited for the estimated time for them to ship the tools I contacted them to tell them that I had not received the tools. We went back and forth for another 45 days. They would send me shipping tracking information and then tell me the shipment got lost. I finally received a package from them. It was a counterfeit Cartier ring. It has now been 6 months since I first placed the order. Still no tools. I have canceled the credit card I used for the purchase. Stay away from Salecb and their other sites. I bet they are just as illegitimate.

Like this, there are a lot of users that scammed by Salecb. Don’t believe such foolish offers and don’t share your credit card information with any third-party companies ever. I hope this information will be beneficial for you, I’ll come back with more interesting information for you. Stay healthy and stay safe!

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