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Vroom vs Carvana: What’s the Difference?

by REX

It might surprise you that almost 30% of US car sales were completed online in 2020. The pandemic no doubt played a role as that number was only 2% the previous year. Many consumers have found that they prefer the convenience of buying and selling cars online. Vroom and Carvana are perhaps the two most popular companies for this option. Are you wondering which one you should choose? Have no fear! We’ll look at some of the advantages and disadvantages of Vroom vs Carvana. Read on to learn which company is right for you.

Buying a Vehicle:

One of the biggest differences between Carvana and Vroom is that Carvana only sells used vehicles. However, Vroom offers both new and used cars. Both companies allow returns within seven days of your purchase and will deliver directly to your home. However, Vroom has a flat delivery fee of $699 and Carvana delivery prices range from $199-$599 depending on your location. You might be asking “is there a Vroom or Carvana near me?” Vroom doesn’t have physical locations, but Carvana has inspection centers all over the country. There’s even such a thing as a Carvana vending machine in some locations.

Vehicle Pricing:

The price of Vroom vehicles and Carvana used cars is fixed and cannot be negotiated. However, both have competitive prices up front. Both companies offer a pricing range between about $7,000 on the low end and $85,000 on the high end. Both have financing available, but Vroom works with more banks and lenders which increases the chances of better rates. Neither have credit score requirements. Vroom requires an annual income of $21,600 per year while Carvana only requires an annual income of $10,000. Read more about  Craigslist bike: How to buy a bike on Craigslist?

Vehicle Warranties:

Carvana vehicles are all certified and have a 100-day or 4,189-mile guarantee. Most vehicles are also eligible for Carvana extended plans which start the day you receive your car. Vroom vehicle warranties include options for tire and wheel coverage, vehicle service protection plans, and gap policies. Their Vroom Protect plan offers coverage options for up to 10 years or 100,000 miles.

Will Vroom and Carvana Sell My Car?

Both Vroom and Carvana can sell your personal vehicle for you. They will actually be the ones buying your vehicle. Vroom requires you to complete an online appraisal form. The form includes mileage, features, and VIN or license plate number. Vroom will then send you an offer that has an expiration date of 2 days or 250 miles.

If you accept the offer they will inspect and pick your car up for free. You will receive payment once the car is delivered. Carvana has a similar form but their offers last for 7 days. Unlike Vroom, you will receive cash on the spot upon your vehicle passing inspection by a representative. Carvana also offers trade-in options.

Vroom Vs Carvana:

Now you know that when it comes to Vroom vs Carvana they are neck and neck. Vroom might have a slight edge with their warranties, but Carvana offers slightly more flexibility with financing and selling options. It really comes down to the availability of the vehicle make and model you’re looking for in the end. Both are excellent and convenient options for your next vehicle purchase. Check out our site for more articles with helpful tips and useful information.

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