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How To Make NEET Preparation Easy With A Timetable?

by Eric

National Eligibility-Cum-Entrance Test (NEET) and the MBBS, the flagship medical course aspired by many young minds, have become compatible over the years. A good performance and successful qualification in NEET allow the aspirants to seek admission in many government-owned and private medical institutions. Getting qualified in this hectic examination is a dream come true for students because of the cut-throat competition for the limited number of seats available in the medical institutes. In this article, we’ll let you know about the best Neet preparation timetable for you.

The competition has increased abruptly because NEET has replaced all other, major medical entrance examinations. If we focus on the benefits that NEET has to offer, it can be understood that it reduces the pressure from the students significantly. It may sound amusing to many of you that a competitive exam as complex as NEET reduces the stress and anxiety of the students. But, it does, because earlier students used to worry about preparing for different medical entrance examinations. Each exam had a different pattern and structure, but with NEET being recognized as a National level examination, all other examinations have been scrapped. So, students have to prepare whole-heartedly for a single examination to secure a seat in their dream medical college.  Read more about What are the Requirements for CISA Certification?

A comprehensive strategy should be followed by the aspirants to fulfill the dream of seeking admission to their desired college. The preparation for this examination is bound to be time-consuming and hectic. Many students focus on the downsides and become anxious during the preparation phase. It is important to note that you are not alone, everyone is on the same boat during the preparation. The way you handle the stress and anxiety will determine your overall performance in the exam. Preparation should become easy and effective if a proper study plan or timetable is made and followed. This article will help the medical aspirants in making their preparation seamless by providing useful tips to consider during the preparation of the study plan. These include:

  • Allocate Adequate Time for each Subject. It is essential to focus on all the subjects- Physics, Chemistry, and Biology, and distinguish the time frame that should be reserved for a particular subject. The more organized your timetable will be, the more efficiently and seamlessly you can cover the syllabus within a designated period. In short, you need to plan everything and act accordingly. So, both planning, as well as execution, are very important.
  • Segregate the topics in each subject according to the level of difficulty and the probability of showing up in the examination and prepare accordingly. It is important to segregate the topics and designate the time to cover each separately. A timetable will only prove effective if you have the dedication to follow it.
  • Fix a time slot for reading NCERT textbooks as it will promote conceptual clarity and develop a strong understanding of the theories. It is essential to note that NCERT textbooks should be used for clearing the basics. But they may not be enough to provide the required level of explanation to various lengthy topics. So, other reference books should also be used for additional knowledge. The amount of knowledge you gain never gets wasted.
  • Devoting Time to Solve Sample Papers is a must. Solving the previous year’s question papers and sample papers will enhance your overall knowledge about the topics.  Solving sample papers will improve your answer writing skills and also develop a critical understanding of the concepts that should be covered thoroughly. Moreover, sufficient time must be devoted to practicing the formulas, derivations, chemical equations, diagrams, and flowcharts.
  • Include a productive hobby within the timetable to ensure that you can retain the focus and attention for understanding concepts and theories related to the subjects. Theoretical subjects such as Biology have to be tackled differently. Rote learning is not a feasible option as mugging up information mindlessly will only create further problems during revision. It is difficult to retain useful information if you try to mug up the bulk of information. So, the better option is to understand the concepts and the basic idea behind each of them. A wholesome approach should be followed for all the subjects because efficient preparation involves unilateral attention and focus. You can only focus when your mind is fresh and active. So a hobby, which refreshes your mind, rejuvenates you should be included within the timetable for a specific time bracket, at regular intervals.
  • Include Time to Test and Evaluate your Progress. Preparing and understanding the concepts is not sufficient. Due to the expansive nature of the NEET preparation Syllabus, it becomes crucial that you test your knowledge regularly. Tests should be included in the timetable on alternate days or according to your convenience and level of understanding. But, self-evaluation is an extremely important factor that can make the difference between an average and a decent performance in this examination.

So, utilizing these tips will help in the preparation of a personalized timetable for the NEET aspirants. Consistency and hard work along with an inclusive study schedule are essential to ace this competitive examination. This exam will not just test your knowledge but subconsciously test your level of patience and perseverance too!. So, staying motivated throughout the preparation phase is very important. Whenever you feel a bit under the weather or the pressure and anxiety start to affect your focus, you should take a break and try to divert your attention. Read more about  What are the Requirements for CISA Certification?

It is important to maintain a healthy state of mind and stay positive because overthinking will develop negative thoughts, and negativity should be avoided at all possible costs. You should adopt an optimistic outlook throughout the preparation phase of the examination and be honest with your progress. After all, it is your dream which is at stake here. Success will be determined by various factors but the primary one remains practice. Shortcuts won’t help you clear this exam. You must realize that everyone has their distinct ways of approaching things. Don’t be too harsh on yourself, Just give the exam your best effort. It is very unlikely that you won’t get what you deserve. Good luck with your Exam!

Neet Preparation books:

There are many books are published for neet preparation however here is the best neet preparation books list in the following.

  1. NCERT Biology of Class XI and XII
  2. Trueman’s Objective Biology for NEET – Vol. I & II
  3. Objective NCERT at your FINGERTIPS for NEET-AIIMS – Biology
  4. Concepts of Physics

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