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How to choose the right video conferencing system

by Eric

While many companies are starting to return to the office after a year of telecommuting, many employers and employees are striving to make working from home a permanent condition. The main reason both parties think this will work is that video conferencing systems have worked hard to improve session quality and ease of use.

Video conferencing system has been around for some time in various proprietary formats. Companies specializing in enterprise solutions have usually built these systems to connect conference rooms. Connections were made over a local network, and then, as a rule, over leased communication lines, if the connection was between different buildings. Network traffic was processed using mostly proprietary protocols and codecs, which are still the underlying architecture in use today.

What gadget needs to build a video Conferencing System?

Protocols handle streaming network traffic, while codecs handle encoding audio and video images into digital bits and bytes on the transmitting side, and then back to video and audio on the receiving side. This typically required proprietary cameras and microphones, dedicated servers, and server and often client applications that were also proprietary to the conferencing system.

Today’s cloud video services basically work the same way, except that they use TCP / Ip as their primary network protocol and a small list of standards-based codecs for conversion. Plus, their hardware support is usually open-source, which means you can use any webcam or microphone that works with your computing device.

AVer VC520 Pro2 is the best solution  

The AVer VC520 Pro2 is an enterprise score conferencing solution designed for middle to large conference rooms. The AVer VC520 Pro2 makes meetings easy with its high-quality camera and full-duplex loudspeaker. Take your audio and video conferencing experience to the next level with innovative features such as 18x total zoom, improved AVer SmartFrame, Sony True WDR, and IP video streaming.

Intelligently present every detail

Providing maximum clarity for a fun and natural meeting with the VC520 Pro2. For convenient presentations without remote control, SmartFraming automatically shifts camera focus and follows the presenter in each saved area. Stream and record glowing Full HD 1080p videos at 60fps via USB 3.1 streaming or RTSP / RTMP H.264 streaming.

Enhanced SmartFrame Technology

Make meetings efficient and secure with AVer’s improved SmartFrame. Next-generation face and body detection ensure everyone is visible on the screen up to 10 meters away, even when wearing masks.

Improved camera control

Camera control has never been easier! Control your devices with USB virtualization and web management. With our advanced control features, you never have to walk across campus to control your camera.

Record sound effectively

Capture sound effectively across your room with the VC520 Pro2’s full-duplex microphone array and echo cancellation. No more crowding around one loudspeaker; you can now daisy-chain additional devices to capture voices and deliver crystal-clear audio within 30 feet of diameter

SmartFrame captures everyone in seconds

Boost your productivity by instantly starting meetings. The Aver VC520 Pro 2 handle facial recognition to capture everyone on-screen in seconds and automatically changes frames when someone enters or leaves the room.

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