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Types of PMP certifications

by Eric

The project management institute helps in providing different kinds of credentials in the world of project management and one of the most commonly available is PMP training in Pune. The project management institute has a global presence with members in different kinds of countries and this is the largest association dedicated to the world of project management. The institute is engaged in setting professional courses for the managers and the following are some of the most commonly available types of project management professional certifications:

  • Certified associate and project management: If the individuals are junior project management practitioner and have demonstrated different kind of skills as a member of the project team then they can go with this particular option. In this people will get the fundamental knowledge of different procedures and terminology that will effectively allow them to manage different kinds of projects.
  • Project management institute scheduling professional: If the individuals are interested in the role of developing and working on the project schedule location, then this is the best for them. It will help in making sure that knowledge, as well as expertise in terms of developing and maintaining the project schedule will be professional and for this, the individuals need 3500 hours of project scheduling along with degree and if they do not have the degree then they need 5000 hours of work experience in project scheduling.
  • Risk management professional: If the individuals are interested to demonstrate knowledge and skills in the world of risk management of a project that this particular certification is best for them. With this particular credential, the people will be able to develop expertise in terms of identifying the project risk and mitigating different kinds of threats as well as capitalising on different opportunities. If the individuals have a bachelors degree than 3000 hours of work experience is required and if they have a school diploma then 4500 hours of experience will be required.
  • Project management professional: If the individuals are interested to perform the project the general supervision, director and lead the team for different kinds of tasks then going with this particular credential is a very good idea. In this course, people will have a deeper understanding of the skills associated with leading and directing the project teams to deliver different kinds of results along with constraints of scope, budget and time. This certification will require three years of professional experience along with different hours to be spent in learning and directing the project tasks. This is considered to be one of the most popular examinations in the world of project management credentials
  • Program management professional: If the individuals are interested to handle multiple projects towards the strategic business objective then this particular course is a very good idea and it will include different kinds of complex activities like organisations, geographical regions, cultures and various other kinds of things because the course is probable to provide the people with alignment with organisational objectives.

The PMP certification India and the above-mentioned credentials are very much successful in terms of providing the people with a great number of career opportunities along with advancement so that they can become competent professionals and can avail several advantages in the long run.

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