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Top iOS App Development Trends That Will Rule in 2021

by Eric

Ever since the rise of the iOS market over the previous decade, iOS app development has been one of the hottest trends in the digital eco-space. Considering the recent digitization boom that took place in our country, India is a land of opportunities with over 1.674 million app economy jobs by 2024. Considering the stakes that are already high, many businesses from different sectors want to have a piece of the same and capitalize on this trend.

Besides smartphones, many technological advancements have played a significant role in our daily lives. Reports state that mobile apps might reach $581.9 billion in revenues by 2020.

Iphones have certainly been the craze, ever since their introduction. Their simplicity and user-oriented features have divided the user base into two wings, the Android, and iOS.

The increased sales of iPhones over the years have given the much-required boost to iOS app development. The future of iOS applications seems promising as well.

Therefore, let us have a look at the top iOS app development trends that will rule 2020!

● Improved security of applications

Security features are the reason that iOS devices have been one of the most reliable devices over the decade. The security algorithms developed by Apple made it a reliable device. Moreover, the hardcore security layers of the company and the highly secure application policies ensure a protective firewall in the Apple devices.

The number of security breaches has increased by 11% since 2018, previously, stated to be 67% in 2014. The amount of Apple device users that rank at 1.4 billion also makes it an alarming trend.

iPhones have worked greatly on improving security hacks in their latest updates and things seem to get better in the future with the release of the iPhone 12.

 VISUALIZATION OF creative data

Numerous apps incorporate data representation in various formats and ways. Users may find this to be a dry and somewhat dull topic. Graphical representations should not be monotonous; instead, they should be intriguing and compelling. The latest trend in innovative data display in your iOS apps is based on this basic notion.

You can use a little imagination in how you present your analytics and numbers, regardless of whether the apps are about data and figures or you need to express some figures in a humorous way. So, in 2021, we’ll see this as another trend in iOS apps.


Simple swiping and navigation are a couple of the things that offer mobile experiences an advantage over desktop ones. You must have witnessed a variety of swiping techniques. However, we are now seeing some fascinating swiping interactions in iOS apps.

The element of enjoyment and engagement is very important today. Additionally, some fun and inventive swiping might increase app engagement. There are several chances for becoming inventive in a number of your app’s little but crucial aspects. You may make your more user-friendly and entertaining for visitors with your ingenuity and excitement, exactly like this one. When you move the tray, the menu is changed for you.

● Cloud integration over iOS apps

Cloud computing and the sharing of cloud-based storage have brought forth the necessary revolution to the entire ecosystem of technology. Besides making sharing of data and storage easy and convenient, could integrations have also laid the foundation for better opportunities.

Thanks to the availability of unlimited storage space, most of the iOS apps now come with built-in cloud technology to allow the users to store huge amounts of data without having to worry about the limited storage space available over their devices. The protective firewall present around cloud integration apps makes it easy for users to access their data quickly and easily, making it a reliable medium.

Apple had introduced its services over the iOS platforms with the “iCloud”. This feature allows iOS devices to tap into cloud storage. Apple has limited the cloud storage contents to images, contacts, notes, and files among others.

The cloud functionality over smartphones re-defines the meaning of space limits and helps over increased productivity and collaboration. Considering the fact that cloud storage is here to stay and adapt, it is certainly one of the trends that will revolutionize app development in the following years.

● Swift 5 Programming language

The Swift 5 programming language has centered the attention of the iOS platform users over recent years, making it quite trendy. The improved user interaction experience had Apple release the Swift 5 programming language with a stable Application Binary Interface (ABI) and binary compatibility.

In addition to the ABI that has been developed by Apple, Swift 5 also comes with a result type, future enum cases, raw strings, and checking for integer multiples among other such functionalities.

Currently, the iOS app development companies are all focused on maximizing the UI of Swift and come up with applications that serve the users to the best of its abilities. Swift libraries are said to be incorporated into every upcoming iOS device, Wearable OS, macOS, and TVOS device.

Swift 5 can be source compatible with Swift 4.2, Swift 4.1, and Swift 4. It can also perform well with the X code 10.2. The code migration of Swift 5 is designed to adapt to the necessary source changes automatically.

One of the added advantages of using Swift is that it is highly compatible with Linux, allowing the developers to increase their knowledge around Swift 5.

● Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML)

The integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) has been on the rise over the past few years. Their seamless integrations over the website as security, chatbots, or similar measures have made them one of the most likely integrations.

Besides their increased recommendations, AI that goes by the name ‘Sir’ is also being used extensively over the iOS platforms. Considering the new features that are being introduced over the AI chatbot Siri, Apple has seamlessly integrated its voice assistant with the aspects of ML and we can certainly see more of it in the upcoming year.


Smartphone app marketing is a growing industry, especially with the growth of digitization. iOS, being a popular operating system, has been in focus for developers for a very long time, so much so that UI and UX has become the top priorities. This has caused a trend that has been shaping the industry, making it dynamic.

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