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Tips on how to come up with an interesting topic for an essay

by Eric

For students, academic success depends very much on academic writing. It is important that students must have a firm knowledge about different academic writing. And essays are one of the important types. They need to understand different forms of essays.

When students are given assignments about writing an essay, they are given the topic or they have to write something of their interest. If they have to select a topic that they first need to understand what type of essay they are given or expected to write.

There are several types of essays, but the most common types are:

  • Argumentative
  • Expository
  • Narrative
  • Persuasive
  • Descriptive

If you are to write an argumentative essay, then the topic must be thought-provoking. In your essay, you have to build up an argument to persuade your readers and bring them on the same page you are.

And if it is a descriptive essay, then the topic you choose must give you the freedom to write as thoroughly with the depth and insight that you can effectively convey to your readers.

Thorough research about the subject:

Another important thing to keep in consideration when choosing a topic is the subject matter that you are to write. You need to accumulate some thorough knowledge and information related to the subject. The more knowledge you have, the easier you will come up with an effective title.

Conduct some research, which includes reading textbooks, scholarly articles, books from the library, and the internet. You can also get help from other sources such as seeking help from expert writing services online that provides you with their essay helper free to facilitate your research.

Take inspiration from other essay titles:

You can also get some great ideas by looking at other essay titles written by different writers about the specific topic. Make sure that you don’t copy the title, as this will fall under plagiarism. But taking some inspiration and ideas can provoke your creativity to come up with a title that is intriguing for the readers. Read more about 4 Efficient ways to improve students’ writing.

Luckily, when an idea pops up while reading someone else’s essay with a suitable title, start with your essay, as you have gathered quite much of the knowledge, facts, and ideas from other’s literature and reviews.

Interrogate your topic:

After coming up with a topic, check again the suitability. You can do this by creating a question out of the title. If you find the answer resulting easily from the subject matter or the content of the essay, that indicates you have found the best title for your essay.


If you’re a college student and assigned to write an academic essay. Do not take essay writing as a daunting and boring task because these essays might well score some good grades. Try to improve your writing skills and hone your critical thinking. This set of skills will help you immensely in your academic excellence, widen your knowledge and elevate your confidence.

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