Theory-Based Therapies for Personality Conditions
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What Are the Best Theory-Based Therapies for Personality Conditions?

by Eric

With significant work done in psychology by researchers and psychologists like Sigmund Freud, Aaron Beck, Carl Rogers, Ivan Pavlov, and more, thousands of theories have spread across the field. Different schools of psychology have rendered various techniques of therapy, maintaining the core principles of that particular school. You can learn more about these from reliable sources like The Human Condition.

The knowledge and acknowledgment of various psychological conditions and disorders are common in present times. With the constant stress and strain you face, mental health issues have become very prominent. So, keep an open mind about such disorders and conditions.

About Personality Conditions:

Personality conditions are technically known as disorders that essentially affect the entire persona of an individual. The conditions include histrionic personality disorder, brand personality disorder, cystic personality disorder, and violent personality disorder.

The management of personality disorders is possible with the help of several therapeutic procedures rooted in psychological theories. Some of these include cognitive behavioral therapy, assertiveness training, and psychoanalysis. It might also need psychiatric or medical assistance.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT):

Cognitive behavior therapy is a result of the cognitive and behavioral schools of psychology. This therapy uses techniques that have been borrowed from theories that emerged from the works of renowned theorists like Aaron Beck. CBT is an evidence-based and highly researched branch of psychology that has proved effective in treating personality disorders.

In CBT, importance is placed on thoughts or cognitions, shaping a person’s behavior and emotions. This is of particular importance in personality disorders as the perception of the external world and their interpretation form the disorder’s etiology. This therapy can be used over time to place significance on thoughts and actions for better management.

Psychoanalytic Therapy or Psychoanalysis:

Psychoanalysis is based on the psychodynamic school of psychology. It has been formed based on the theories that Freud and other psychologists widely propagated. At the root of psychoanalysis are the theories of consciousness and unconsciousness. It also takes into account the concept of Id, ego, and superego.

The psychoanalytic school of psychology has even propagated theories of personality disorders in forming the etiology. Along with the psychosexual stages of development and the various defense mechanisms that Anna Freud has widely researched, psychoanalysis is an excellent therapy for personality disorders.

Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT):

While often known as a relative of traditional cognitive behavior therapy, dialectical behavior therapy is widely used in treating and managing personality disorders. Marsha Linehan developed it as she studied this therapy on women who have borderline personality disorder.

DBT is an evidence-based therapy procedure that is perfectly functional in treating a variety of personality disorders. The therapy focuses on validating and accepting the challenges brought by a personality disorder for clients to work together to manage symptoms. Read more about Debunking Common Fitness Myths.

With reliable and sensitive information and details from sites like The Human Condition, you may get educated about psychological treatments. It is essential to learn before you can help others suffering from personality disorders. Most importantly, please seek professional help to deal with these issues, as they can be life-altering for the patients.

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