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Smokable Hemp Flower: A powerful nicotine alternative

by Eric

Nicotine and other compounds in tobacco smoke have for a while been known as the culprits that cause a host of health problems. While cigarette smokers continue to decrease each year, a suitable alternative has been found in Smokable hemp flowers. Not only are these CBD or cannabidiol-rich flowers helping wean smokers off tobacco products, but they are also seemingly safe, healthy, and above all, nicotine-free.

CBD hemp flowers are grown organically for a refreshing smoke that’s endowed with an exceptional terpenes count. Many smokers choose these sticky buds over other processed CBD products due to their purity and abundance of essential oils, vitamins, and phytocannabinoids.

What are smokable hemp flowers?

Hemp is one of the plants in the cannabis family. It is cultivated for its seed, which is the source of oil that’s rich in essential minerals and textile yarn. This is the most significant product in CBD. A legal plant to cultivate in many states, unlike its marijuana cousin, hemp flowers also known as buds, are the epicenter of CBD production.

Of late, CBD hemp flower has become popular in its smokable form, despite the myths that nothing happens or that it gives you a headache. Special strains with high CBD and low Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC, the psychoactive ingredient in cannabis, are selected and bred to optimize their beneficial values. Hemp-derived flowers only contain about 0.3% THC, and smoking hemp flowers is the most effective CBD delivery yet.

The health benefits of smoking CBD flower:

The farm bill, 2008 is credited with changing the landscape for legalizing hemp in America. Farmers have been encouraged to plant this hardy crop, whether for seeds, fiber, or CBD hemp flowers. With the legalization of hemp came popularity for the useful compound, and cannabis farms soon switched to producing high-grade smokable flowers.

Expedited breeding and stringent biomass tests have resulted in CBD-rich flowers that are attractive to smoke, smell, and consistently deliver. CBD has natural pain relief and anti-inflammatory attributes that make this product attractive and a viable nicotine alternative. Other health benefits of smokable CBD hemp flower include:

Immediate CBD delivery:

Whether you need CBD for pain and anxiety relief or to help with sleep, smokable hemp flowers have the quickest bioavailability delivery compared to other products.

Chronic pain relief:

CBD is a natural, non-addictive alternative to painkillers. Full-spectrum or isolate CBD hemp flowers in their smokable form reduce pain symptoms, lower blood pressure and offer a calming effect.

Powerful Nicotine withdrawal alternative:

Any tobacco smoker will tell you how hard it is to kick the harmful habit, but smokable hemp flowers will gradually replace nicotine-spiked cigarettes. There’s no psychoactive ‘high’ in natural CBD flowers, and they’ll act as a tobacco alternative to help with quitting. Alleviating anxiety to promote sleep CBD is a product recommended for achieving quality, restful sleep with its anxiety and stress-reducing properties.

How long do the effects of CBD hemp flower last?

Smokable CBD hemp flower bud delivers one of the fastest uptake or bioavailability of the compound in your bloodstream. That’s compared to vaping, edibles, pills, or tablets plus topical and sublingual applications like oil tinctures or skincare products.  CBD contains incredible health benefits, but the duration of the calming, pain-relieving, and non-psychoactive effects of smoking hemp flowers depend on the strain. Effects of smoking CBD hemp flowers are felt in less than five minutes and can last for three hours. More cannabidiol enters your system with smokable flowers, boasting up to 70% compared to edibles that only deliver 30%.

This compound is also fat-soluble, meaning it’s stored in the body’s fat cells. Effects wear off more quickly for a smoker that exercises regularly or has lower density fat cells.  Therefore, the beneficial effects of this compound in hemp flower buds or cigarettes can last from between one and four hours. In contrast, consuming CBD hemp edibles like drinks, chocolate bars, or gummy bears can have effects being felt for up to 12 hours.

How do you use CBD hemp flowers to treat anxiety?

While not yet fully proven, smoking CBD hemp flowers can help with anxiety and even depression. Positive results have been reported by researchers and users, terming their use as safer compared to tobacco.

In experimentation with animals, CBD has been found to reduce any manifestation of anxiety, such as social anxiety disorder. Smokable hemp flowers calm you down and relieve any traumatic or negative memories. There are zero nicotine levels or THC in hemp flowers, while CBD has calming, anti-inflammatory, and pain relief properties that relieve anxiety.


It’s now clear that you don’t really need to struggle to find a nicotine alternative. This post isn’t only for the nicotine addict seeking an alternative but also for anyone who can benefit from the healthy benefits of CBD smokable hemp flowers. Remember that for the best results, select the richest and most aromatic hemp strains containing copious amounts of CBD, flavonoids, and terpenes, as well as less than 0.3% THC.

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