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The Truth About Pregnancy Stretches Marks

by REX

Stretch marks are women’s favorite topic they’re quite common and nobody likes them so it’s not surprising that I get many questions about how to get rid of pregnancy stretch marks why they occur what can be done to prevent them I get questions from women who are I just found out they’re pregnant and they want to do things to try and avoid getting them.

The appearance of stretch marks:

So, today I’m going to address all of those questions. The medical term for stretch marks is stria and there’s something called stria at gravidarum which is specifically pregnancy stretches marks there and then stria themselves are kind of broken down into two presentations there Astraea Rubra so when stretch marks first appear they are striae Rubra usually are red stretch marks and then with time they become skin-colored to white and that is referred to as Shreya Alba and a stretch mark is technically a type of scar an atrophic scar.

Because the underlying supportive collagen framework of the deeper layer of the skin the dermis has been disrupted the collagen and elastin fibers have been stretched and disrupted and now on to go back to you to their normal assembly and therefore you’re left with a kind of a stretch in the deeper layer of the skin. It’s almost like a shot of elastic and weight in a waistband. Have you ever shot the elastic out of the waistband and pantyhose? Does anyone wear pantyhose anymore probably not but stretch marks are kind of the same thing happening in your dermis?

Stretch marks on pregnant women:

They can happen if you know pregnant women on the abdomen or anyone on the abdomen, particularly after weight gain or weight loss rapid weight changes can happen on the thighs, the buttocks, and the upper arms. The arms particularly in people who lift weights and make a lot of gains very quickly can develop stretch marks. So, sudden increases or decreases in embody mass that you know the skin stretches to accommodate can result in stretch marks forming which you now think of as basically a type of scar that’ll most likely happen from within as a result of stretching.

Why do stretch marks happen?

There are a few reasons why they might occur well I already mentioned that you know it’s almost kind of twofold so first and foremost is just a structural occurrence from rapid stretching whether that be weight gain pregnancy or bodybuilding that interferes and disrupts and agitates that elastic fiber network in the deeper layer of the skin but it’s also genetic some people are genetically predisposed to developing stretch marks and we don’t know what the genes are the genetics behind stretch marks but it appears that some people are genetically susceptible to them.  A Person’s Bac Will Go Down If They.

There does seem to be a genetic element to it as well so rapid weight changes are a predisposing factor but no not only it’s not just pregnancy stretch marks and people who lose and gain weight that develop another factor in the development of stretch marks seem to be hormonal as well and then can get stretch marks and we know that taking testosterone supplements and for bodybuilding seems to increase the likelihood of stretch marks developing a lot of teenagers can develop stretch marks as they’re going through puberty and there you know core moans are raging.

It’s not that changes in hormones can affect just some of the normal turnover the rapidity of the turnover of the deeper layer of the skin and lead to stretch marks and then importantly some medications that can cause stretch marks would be systemic corticosteroids like prednisone. I hope this blog post educates you about pregnancy stretch marks and if you still have any questions about this topic you can ask in the comment section.

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