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How To Identify a Termite Infestation?

by Eric

Termites are present in two types, those who live underground and burrow and those who live only on wood to survive. They live in and eat the wood used to create homes and other buildings and can cause thousands of dollars in damages before they are discovered. Therefore, when a termite infestation is present, there will be signs that they are present and alert you to the need for extermination.

Signs of Termite Infestation:

The most obvious signs of an infestation of termites are the mounds that they leave. These are left after they chew and consume the wound and may be found around the home or around where they live. As they chew their way through the wood, it becomes hollow, and the shavings that are dropped and their own excrement will create the termite mounds and leave behind wood that sounds hollow when tapped on. Wood that has been infested will change in appearance as well as sound, and may appear to be hollow, may be cracking, or show signs of sagging and beginning to cave in.

The wood may begin to crumble and fall apart as it is no longer stable, as well it can begin to shift as the pressure remains the same even as the wood is weakened and thinned or hallowed out. This may show in the building beginning to show signs of sagging, including floors and stairs. Ceilings may begin to sag as the wood can no longer hold the weight. As the wood is weakened and shifting, you may find that walls or floors form cracks.

Doorways & Window Frames:

This can also affect doorways and window frames. As they begin to crack and sag, the wear will show on the surface of the wood. The wood in the wall is easily visible. Their tubes can be seen from where they have left a path behind them. As they chew through the wood, it leaves tunnels where they have eaten the wood, which is easily visible in the wood, including any crumbling around them. There may also be a trail left of mud or red clay where they have traveled and left a trail.

Along with these, you may find groups of the termites themselves or areas or piles of wings that they have discarded. Suppose any of these signs are present in the home or around a wooden building. In that case, it is important to have the concerns addressed as soon as possible to limit the damages to the building before it is unrepairable.

What to do Next:

When a termite infestation is suspected, it is important to address it immediately by having a professional come into the home and inspect if they are indeed present and how far the infestation has gotten. Start by seeking out someone that specializes in pest control Langwarrin, or pest control in your local area. They will be able to assess the situation and guide you on the next steps. A small termite control concern may be resolved quickly with the correct tools. At the same time, a more significant infestation may require tenting the home, so the earlier the intervention, the faster and easier it can be resolved.

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