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Different types of men’s hat to choose from

by Eric

Generally, hats have gained a reputation to be one of the best men’s fashion accessories. From the snapbacks to fedoras to the baseball caps, men’s hats look stylish and functional. The hats are practical and fit into any occasion. It also helps men stay protected from the elements, like the snow, rain, hail, and scorching sunlight. Additionally, hats can add a classy, casual, and eclectic finish to any look in a simple way.

Different types of men’s hat

Over the years, there have been several options for mens top hats. Some of the popular hats to choose from include

1. Fedora

A Fedora hat is both stylish and durable, and it has long been popular! In the 1950s to the 1920s, it was the gangsters’ hat of choice, and in the 2000s, it became a standard. It is one of the most well-liked accessories for males. With its sturdy brim and status as a stunning wardrobe item, this hat has recently experienced a resurgence in popularity. Fedoras come in a variety of colours and sizes. But it is preferable to choose the ones with medium widths and neutral tones.

2. Panama

Ideal conditions for wearing a Panama hat for men include a beach setting and a white linen shirt. It is a traditional Ecuadorian straw hat with a brim that will give the wearer the appearance of a steamy Miami summer. A must-have item for tropical and coastal locations is a bracelet made of plaited leaves. The backdrop for a Panama hat is the clear skies and sunshine. Therefore, it would be beneficial if you avoided wearing this cap throughout the cold. The hat is comfortable to wear, light in weight and colour, and it fits well. It is ideal if you want to go for a laid-back beach look.

3. Trilby

The Trilby often gets confused with a Fedora! However, the Trilby is a distinctively different hat. It gets made from straw and tweed, and the Trilby comes with a taller crown and small brim. Hence, you can wear it from autumn to spring. If you want, you can also wear this hat slightly back of your head rather than secure your face with it. It is more of a fashionable hat than a functional hat. You can experiment your way out with this hat!

4. The leather hats

The conventional leather hats reflect class and chic! You can wear it on both formal and informal occasions and allow it to complement your attire. It keeps you secure from sun rays, rain, and the storm. However, you must choose authentic leather hats from reputed hat makers.

5. Bowler

If you look at the Bowler hat, it will bring back to your mind popular actors like John Cleese, Curly Howard, and Charlie Chaplin to mind. It is a famous British-style hat. It’s a robust felt hat with a slim brim and is commonly called a derby. It is a renowned hat for people who belong to the middle, upper, and the working-class but would choose not to wear it casually. You can wear this hat with tailored paints, double-breasted suits, and dress shoes.

6. The Dad hats

You might not want to take any fashion advice for your dad! However, the dad hats are a great vintage accessory to wear and sport a laid-back style. These hats are relaxing to wear and are generally made of cotton or canvas. These hats also come with a manageable strap back closure that allows one-size to fit all. The dad hats are an excellent addition to your casual look and add an element of casual style.

7. Snapback

It’s a popular 90s style baseball cap that came forth into the fashion scene once the New York snapback became well-known amongst the Yankees fans. Today, the snapbacks get worn by a few cool kids, fashionistas,  and the cap connoisseurs worldwide. Similar to the dad hat, its vintage cousin, this hat is also a “one-size-fits-all.” The wearer can feel completely relaxed with this oversized fit. But the snapback hat is slightly more rigid in design, which makes it more organized and structured. You can carry this hat effortlessly, and it can add a relaxed vibe to any outfit.

8. Newsboy

The 1900s saw a resurgence of this hat, which first appeared in the nineteenth century. The hat resembles a flat cap in many ways. These full, circular caps have panels and a button to secure the front hat section’s brim. Numerous wealthy men and those associated with fashion houses wear it. You may get newsboy hats from several high-street merchants.

These are a few of the popular men’s hats that you can opt-in for today with style and comfort!

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