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The 5 Most Common Graphics Design Mistakes to Avoid

by Eric

Graphic design is a digital craft of creating visual content. It helps to visualize an idea and show it in the form of exciting pictures, color, and typography or motion videos. It can be used in brochures, pamphlets, covers, banners, posters, and a lot more. It is also used to convey messages when each person cannot be reached individually.

With animations, motion motives this field has gained a lot of popularity in the last decade. The experts are creating such graphics which are difficult to believe to be original. Every minute detail is important as a little mismatch and the design will be rejected.

There is a lot of peculiarity in it which needs close attention by the designers. Despite this you can also keep track on your design by not committing the following mistakes:

Font and colors:

The fonts can attract or distract in the first place only. One can easily find out the difference between professionally designed graphic design and the design created by a new designer by the number of fonts used in it. Sona, who is looking for support to take my online class for me, says that it is good to play with fonts. The fonts should suit the idea. The right style of fonts can make the design even more attractive. The space between the letters also called kerning should be equal as little here and there will also come to notice.

So prefer to use a single style of font as it shows continuity and clarity. It also needs to be taken care of that there should not be too much text on a single line. The color of the background, font, and design should be complimentary. It should not be too loud or rude to handle. Yes, rude which means too bright or out of sync with design. The designer should have a good idea about color combinations and contrasts.

Normally the black color is the most preferred one but if you have visuals in your design or any color preference is there according to the picture it can also be used.

Stock or copyrighted images:

Try to be original and if using other’s work be courteous to take permission or mention the credit. The watermark in the pictures would not be there and use pictures that are not used elsewhere.

If you are getting your work done by some expert or you are designing for your client make sure you are referring to correct pictures. Sam who is looking for assignment help Sydney service provider says that if you are using the same picture again and again in different designs it will be caught sometime soon. It will be a mess with the relation between you and your client. It is better to purchase photos from the right source and ensure their authenticity.

Hierarchy and Proofreading:

The representation of information incorrect order is called hierarchy. The designer should be able to judge which information should be presented first and which to be on the later section of the document. The haphazard way of dealing with information will spoil the efforts and reflect in the final document.

Thus, it is important to keep hierarchy according to the message conveyed to the audience. It is not only dependent on fonts but it can be represented by pictures, videos, etc.

Proofreading is an important step that makes sure that there are no grammar or spelling errors with the text. The other punctuation marks may not be catchy enough but spelling or grammar gets easily picked up. It also gives an impression of how delicately you handle your work. How much importance do you give to tiny details? The other thing which needs to be kept in mind is the readability of the information. It should be legible.


The placing of images or visuals or texts randomly will reduce the impact of the design. There should be symmetry in the presentation. It should use the proper spaces on both sides. The measurements should be precise and effective. Payal, who provides writes my coursework service, says that it is important to understand what dimensions are suitable to protect your information to the audience. The non-designers, new designers, or novice players will make such mistakes.

If you are cautious you can check these mistakes and ask them to rectify at the moment only.

Formats, versatility, and bleeding of pixels or images:

The formats in which the image is saved like JPEG, PNG, or others should be carefully checked. It should support the required format mentioned by the client or the device or platform on which it will be used. The naming of the file should also be according to the rules so as to avoid confusion while sending it to the client or referring to it at a later stage for any kind of editing.

The design should be versatile in nature. It should be easily modifiable, suits different platforms, and can be converted into other formats easily. The bleeding character of an image is common and can be taken care of with being conscious of it.

The picture which might look okay on your screen may not be for another person. It might show in the form of losing a portion of the design. It can be due to magnified pixels or incompatibility with the software. It needs to be corrected quickly as it can lead to a delay in the delivery. Read more about How to Use Adobe’s New Wave Camera in Photoshop

If you are looking for a career in the field of graphic designing or you are planning to get your logo designed, with these tips you can reduce the chaos of creating a new design. It will be helpful in the removal of errors and designing of a design up to the satisfaction level.

Moreover, as a novice in the field, it will help you to keep track of the various aspects of designing. Many things we learn with experience but many things can also be learned by keen observation. So make sure you keep a check on the design with these tips.

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