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The 4 Best Font Websites That You Should Know About

by REX

Are you sick of every fonts in use in this World and want to choose a font website that can sustain, support, and improve your work and brings creativity into it? Then you’re absolutely at the right place. There are plenty of sites that have something new for you and prepare for your eyes to be pleased.

Here is a list of the four best font websites that you are looking for!

#1. TypeType

TypeType is the shining name in the field of fonts, typefaces, and many other services. The main focus of TypeType is to bring uniqueness, functionality, and expressiveness in fonts. TypeType has 8 years experience on the font market, 800+ font styles, 50+ typefaces and 35,000+ customers from 110+ countries. Its fonts are a killer combination of price, quality, and valuable features. Its emphasis is on a continually updated assemblage of examples of TypeType fonts in use. It allows its users to discover inspiration from glancing at adorable images or having a look at fonts. It not only allows you to purchase fonts but also requests font customization and orders your unique fonts.

#2. Pangram Pangram

The Pangram Pangram is another famous name in the field of fonts websites. The main goal of this font website is to spread free unique fonts all over the World for private use. You can enjoy free fonts, but it also offers licenses to buy for business projects. It is valuable for those who utilize the fonts frequently, like designers, to work and play with them ultimately and allow their employer/client to buy the commercial license at the moment of the commercial project. You are entirely free to view, use, or share fonts.

#3. FontFreak

FontFreak is among the most visited and largest shareware and freeware font websites on the internet. Here you are free to download free fonts or also have the option of purchasing them. You can access 9,000 free fonts from over 400 different designers and buy almost 125,000 unique commercial fonts. In addition, FontFreak provides its users with unique and impressive fonts like free cursive fonts, cool fonts, calligraphy fonts, graffiti fonts, etc. And the fantastic thing is that new fonts are added to the list daily.

#4. Colophon

Colophon international fonts website in London and Los Angeles is well-known in the field of fonts. The colophon is serving in the World of fonts since 2009 and is working intending to produce fonts formulated with technological and aesthetic care. It delivers typefaces for digital and analogue media. Colophon has a lot of choices to offer its users. It also renders commissions for font families, custom fonts, and logotypes and bespoke versions of its existing typefaces, like language extensions.


Everyone wants unique fonts to play with and bringing uniqueness to work by them, and the sites mentioned earlier can play a crucial role in this regard. You can entirely trust them, but if you’re still confused among them, then the TypeType is highly recommended. You should try it’s once by giving it a chance too; good luck!


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