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Take your music channel to the next level with SoundCloud

by Eric

Along with Spotify, Soundcloud is another popular music platform that boasts millions of songs.  but the problem here is that many songs get lost in this crowd and do not even get played more than once or twice.  It is no secret that only tracks of a certain genre or playlists make it to the top of the ranking thanks to the algorithm that works or how the editors curate the playlist. Many influencers ensure SEO marketing works wonders for certain tracks but the fall out is that many gems are hidden under the rubble and need to be unearthed.

Wherever you can, share your Soundcloud URL. Your social media profiles should link to your Soundcloud page. To increase the number of plays on your video, encourage others to like and share it. Display a link to your Soundcloud page prominently on the home page of your website, if you have one. The link can be included to your social network profile descriptions as well.
You may write in your post, “I’m about to release a new podcast! Listen to my podcast on Soundcloud!
Additionally, you can include a Soundcloud link in your email signature.

Upload – The friendly Tool

Soudncloud put up an excellent feature called Upload that allowed the latest uploads on the site to its listeners in a personalized manner. Here the new playlist does not contain any random tracks but some great tunes which are new to the listeners. The Upload is updated every day and personalized to the individual’s taste. It recommends all the new tracks uploaded in the recent past to listeners based on their listening pattern.  For any new artist, it is important to get noticed. But this can be time-consuming and frustrating. The immediate solution is to buy SoundCloud plays and attract new listeners.

The premium content is available on Upload if a user is subscribing to SoundCloud Go+. Since it is refreshed every day, a new recommendation appears which saves the user from browsing for new tracks.  Even if a user is not active on a regular basis, the Upload gets updated daily. But it is better to be a regular listener on SoundCloud if one is looking for better recommendations as the algorithms take the cue only from the user’s activity. One can also save the Upload playlist and listen offline, provided by a premium subscriber with Go or GO+.  There is also a “share” option that allows one to share the upload playlists with others.

Signup with SoundCloud

One can easily create an account through a username and password. Another way is to log in using an apple or Facebook account. The account is free and one can easily download the app on mobile or desktop. Thus, one can listen non-stop as they can take their playlists along with them wherever they go.

Subscription plans

SoundCloud is an extremely versatile platform for content creators and listeners alike. Anyone can listen and upload tracks for free and also own all the rights. The number of tracks on SoudnCloud is more than any other music streaming service. There are three different subscription plans on Soud Cloud. With a Free subscription, one can easily upload their first tracks, build up a profile and grow more audience.

With premium services such as Pro subscriptions and Pro unlimited one can avail of attractive features, helpful statistics, more upload time, support and opportunities, and unlimited upload space. Taking the help of specialists in the streaming segment such as Jaynike, one can purchase targeted SoundCloud plays. By doing this, other listeners will get encouraged to follow the tracks, and listeners every time a track or a playlist is listened to by the audience, it takes the artist closer to monetizing his channel.

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