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How Music Helps With Stress?

by Eric

Music is way more powerful than we even imagine. It is a unique form of art that has a direct effect on our brains. Music can take over control over our feelings, emotions, and imagination. Many people can’t imagine a day without music, and they are right to do so. Music can make our lives better in numerous ways. It helps us feel more deeply. It helps us discover our hidden emotions. It helps us boost our mood. However, what many don’t realize is that music can also have an enormously positive effect on our nervous system.

Music can calm our nerves, relax our nervous system, lower blood pressure, and more. Overall, by listening to music regularly, a person can improve their mental health, mood and find peace within, even if it’s only for a few minutes. Here’s how music can help you with stress and what you need to do.


Meditation is one of the best stress relief methods that is known to people. It helps to keep your mind calm and your thoughts organized. There are numerous ways people prefer to meditate. Some love meditating in a group, while others prefer privacy. Some people meditate in a lotus position, while others do it sitting or doing activities like walking. One person may prefer being in silence when others love having some music on.

None of these options is better than the other. However, if you are new to meditating, music can be your best friend in this process. Music can guide you through this new practice. It helps put your mind in the right state of relaxation and peace.

Music Therapy:

Music can help us notice and understand our emotions. Music therapy can encourage us to feel what we are suppressing, whether it is grief, sadness, anger, or else. By listening to certain music, you get to experience the emotions it depicts. A person may have a very therapeutic time listening to the melody and lyrics. First of all, music can help reduce the tension a person may experience due to stress. Secondly, while being more relaxed and at ease, a person may have a better time connecting to their own feelings. Read more about 9 Tips To Get Started Writing Music.

Overall, such therapeutic use of music can lead to rather cathartic moments when a person releases the feeling they have been bottling up for a while. Thus, we become more aware of our own emotional reactions and feelings they have been ignoring. As we know, stress often comes from inside when we are holding all negative emotions instead of letting them go.

Work/studying with music:

Music can help you concentrate and stay more productive. This, in its turn, can help reduce stress. After all, most stresses in our lives are connected to issues either at home or at work and school. How much calmer we could be if we eliminated those stress factors completely. However, at least, we have paper help to assist us with the most troublesome and voluminous assignments.

Overall, music has a unique power to enhance our memory. It means that when we study music, better classical music like Mozart, for example, our brain has either time to memorize information. Thus, we can perform better by simply listening to music. It happens for two reasons. First, music creates a clear pathway to your memory, just as other scenes like taste or smell do. Second, music helps to relieve the stress that an individual may feel while learning or trying to memorize something.

During stressful experiences:

Think of all the activities or situations in your life that cause you to experience serious stress. Those situations can be anything from being worried about your homework and completing tricky assignments, to commuting and being at social gatherings. However, in most situations, you probably face those situations with your earphones on, right? Why is that? Well, your brain knows best how to cope with external stress. Music is often your easy way out of being swallowed by imposed stress. Well, music and getting any help you can get on issues you can’t resolve yourself. Fortunately, any student can also count on outside homework assistance as well.

Of course, music can’t be the only solution to such stressful situations. You may also seek alternative ways to prevent external factors from affecting your mental health. Letting the life around get you every time they are around is rather dangerous to your mental state. However, you can always use music as a shield until you learn how to navigate the outside stresses. It has your back.

The bottom line:

As you can see, there are numerous ways we can use music whenever we are stressed. Indeed, music can be a powerful and accessible tool in fighting bad moods, stress, and anxiety. People suffer from stress almost every day. However, we have everything we need to fight this negative mental state with art.

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