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Summer Heights High; Summary and Quotes

by Eric

Summer Heights High is an Australian comedy show. Chris Lilly wrote the story and also play Main roles in this series. It is a story of High school life and what kids face in school all things deeply describes in it. The main characters of this story are Mr.G, Ja’mie King, and a defiant Student Jonah Takalua. It is a documentary series, summer heights which is written by Chris Lilly. It enlightens all the sections of Australian school life.

Before Summer Heights High show Chris Lilly worked in “WE Can Be Heroes”. Chris Lilley plays three different roles in one show; the characters that he acted on are Mr.G, Jonah, and Ja’mie King. The first episode was released on Sep 5, 2007, on ABC TV at 9:30 PM. this drama was consists of 8 episodes and ends on Oct 24, 2007. Viewers could watch only one episode in a week. In this show, we can see the politics of school staff, friendships, and relations of school workers. Chris Lilley gave the newest meaning of school life with the character that he acted in the show. Read more about  Rokka no yuusha season watch online.

This show got very positive views from people; this was a big success for the Australian broadcast corporation of heights. This show was nominated for the most popular Light Entertainment/ mockumentary show award (Logie Award), and in 2008 the summer heights won the Logie Award. This show was sold in three different countries, in Canada for the Comedy Network, the United Kingdom for BBC Three in and the United States for the HBO channel. In last Chris Lilley showed his wish that he wanted to complete the story of Summer Heights High by focusing on MR.G.

Some interesting Funny & Serious Quotes of Summer Heights High

Now we will tell you some interesting funny & serious quotes of Summer Heights High, above we describe all the themes of this documentary show. So let’s begin!

  • “Sorry Homo” Jonah Takalua
  • “Puck You, Miss” Jonah Takalua
  • “Teachers at this school are so racist. If anything goes wrong, if something goes missing they go “Jonah must have f***in’ done some sh*t”.” Jonah Takhalua
  • “Celine has an oversize brain.” Mr. G
  • “I’m a f***kingprivate school girl.” Ja’mie King
  • “Thank God you are here. Grandma’s been raped.” Mr. G
  • “Was it fun for Ben?” Doug Peterson
  • “I love your bins, they are so random.” Ja’mie King
  • “Have you got your period or what miss?” Jonah Takalua
  • “It’s not appropriate because he’s homo.” Jonah Takalua
  • “Well, I’ve gotta tell you it’s not appropriate.” Doug Peterson
  • “It’s a show, sir. It’s a TV show. Don’t you even watch TV?” Jonah Takalua
  • “I don’t get it what does that mean? Punk’d?” Doug Peterson
  • “There’s plenty of mayham going on in this production….” Meredith Cotton
  • “On and off the stage” Meredith Cotton
  • “Shove it up your ass, Margaret” Mr. G
  • “That’s what I always say. She’s stolen that from me.” Mr. G
  • “She loves my crowd scenes that I do. I direst the big stuff on stag that she can’t handle. The Mayham Scenes, she loves.” Mr. G
  • “Bullshit!” Jonah Takalua
  • “How is it Ok for you to bully Ben?” Doug Peterson
  • “Ben says you were the ring leader, Jonah. That it was…” Doug Peterson
  • “You who threw his bag over the train line….” Doug Peterson
  • “Cause he has Ranga.” Jonah Takalua
  • “Yes, because it was supposed to be a joke. He didn’t laugh.” Jonah Takalua
  • “A What?” Doug Peterson
  • “Well, people are recist to FOB’s…” Jonah Takalua
  • “But sir, there’s heaps of them.” There everywhere. Leon
  • “Public Schools are so random.” Ja’mie King
  • “Coffee coffee coffee, before we teachy teachy teachy” Mr. G
  • “We don’t attack people”. Leon
  • “Well sorry Ja’mie, it looks like you don’t have a choice.” Holly
  • “Chill out Ja’mie, you’re really embarrassing yourself.” Holly

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