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What is Shiba Coin? Complete details

by Eric

Shiba Inu (SHIB), also known as Shiba Coin is an experimentally created and released as a joke cryptocurrency. Shiba Coin is currently the biggest competitor to Dogecoin, and the creators of SHIB called Shiba Coin the Dogecoin killer. The developers of Shiba Coin claim that the price of SHIB will remain well below $0.1, which exceeds the total market capitalization of Dogecoin.

Shiba Coin has an anonymous founder named Ryoshi. The identity of the owner of Shiba Coin is unknown, as most of the developers of Shiba Coin and even its founder Ryoshi are anonymous. Shiba Coin is a community cryptocurrency since its owner is unknown. Today you can easily exchange bnb to shib.

What exchange does Shiba Coin trade on?

Shiba Coin has been listed on major exchanges in recent days. ShibaCoin has been listed on Binance and Coinbase Pro.

Future of Shiba Coin:

The future of Shiba Coin looks bright as it is a new altcoin, and its price is also very low. Although Shiba Coin originated as a community experiment, it has a stable supply, and there is a growing ecosystem around ShibaCoin. So the future of the SHIB token is clear. Read more about What is ForeXLive? Things you must know

Will Shiba Coins Grow?

Shiba Coin has already started to grow. During the listing on Binance, ShibaCoin’s price went up to $0.00005000, but with the bitcoin drop, SHIB’s price went down hard to $0.00000550. After the news that Shiba Coin will be quoted on Coinbase, Shiba Coin’s price rose 80% above the $0.00000550 level.

We may witness such a movement of ShibaCoin price in the future. The growth of Shiba Coin should not be surprising as it is a fixed supply and dependent on the community. The daily chart of ShibaCoin from the Binance exchange looks as follows. The date Shiba Coin was listed on Binance reached a record high on May 10, 2021. After reaching this record level, SHIB price went into a downtrend.

How much is Shiba Coin worth?

ShibaCoin currently has a price of $0.00000805. Looking at the chart above again, you can see that 2 days ago, the price of Shiba Coin was up about 45%. This upward movement may continue in the coming days. Profitable exchange rate of cryptocurrency at

Since ShibaCoin is a newer cryptocurrency, it will be quite a risky investment. Nevertheless, it makes sense to invest in a small amount of ShibaCoin, given that it is very cheap and recently listed on leading exchanges such as Binance and Coinbase Pro.

The future of Shiba Coins?

Shiba Coin

ShibaCoin could become a very successful cryptocurrency if its developers love and support it in the future. The goal of the developers and the ShibaCoin community is to keep the price below $0 while successfully outperforming the market capitalization of Dogecoin. Of course, achieving such a big goal could take a long time.

Will Shiba Coin rise to $1?

Shiba Coin cannot be worth $1. For the SHIB price to rise to $1, it must rise by 20300,000%. The main goal of the ShibaCoin price is to exceed the market value of Dogecoin by staying well below $1, not $1. Therefore, adequately assess the situation around this cryptocurrency. Otherwise, it is possible to make a mistake. 

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