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What Are Stablecoins? Here’s What You Need To Know

by Eric

Times of cryptocurrency have created a gap between Fiat currency, which is the traditional monetary mode of transactions, and decentralized finances. Over the years, there has been the introduction of regulation to regulate the Bitcoin payments market, but still, the risk factor and volatility of cryptocurrency make the investor apprehensive about it. A stablecoin is a bridging gap between the Fiat currency and the decentralized currencies. It equally appeals to the Fiat and crypto marketeers. Read on to know more in detail about what are Stablecoins.

Overview of Stablecoins- Points To Note

let’s begin with the definition of stablecoins. These are price-stable digital assets that have a value associated with currencies like dollars or euros and offer the mobility of cryptocurrencies. It would not be wrong to say that stable coins offer the feature of both Fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies.

The primary reason for the growing inclination towards stablecoin is that it reduces the risk of volatility which how’s the crypto market. Hence investors who are looking to diversify their investment portfolio but don’t have a higher risk appetite can go ahead and add stable coins to their investment portfolio.

Type of StablecoinsTo Know About

  • Fiat-Collateralized stablecoins– These are associated with fiat currencies like the US Dollars. Apart from the dollar, there are other forms of collateral like gold or crude oil. These reserves are held by independent authorities and are frequently audited. Tether is the best example of this. In May 2022, tether was the 3rd largest.
  • Crypto-Collateralized stablecoins-These are also the same as the above, but in this case, the collateral is a cryptocurrency instead of fiat currency. Here the reserve of cryptocurrencies is volatile. For example, a cryptocurrency worth $2 million can be held as a reserve to issue a $1 million cryptocurrency.
  • Algorithmic stablecoins-These may or may not have reserve assets. In this case, the value of stablecoin is maintained by supplying through an algorithm.
  • Investigate stable coin- Now that you are aware of what is a stable coin and what are different types of it, you can go ahead and decide whether to add the stable points to your portfolio or not. Several cryptocurrencies fall under different categories of the stable coin; hence if you are planning to invest, certain tips should be on your checklist when investing.

Stablecoins: Your Key to a Successful Investment Strategy

  • Explore the details about the stable coins– whether you are investing in a cryptocurrency unstable coin, the decision must be backed by thorough research that highlights the details about the cryptocurrency and its proposition. Before investing in Stablecoins, your primary focus would be to research in-depth about it.
  • Choose a trustworthy platform– We know that the crypto market is prone to volatility, and there is a risk associated with it, but when it comes to investing, the investors are ready to take the risk. You cannot completely nullify the probability of volatility, but you can register yourself on a credible platform and reduce the hassle of crypto trading. Merely choosing a crypto exchange is not enough; when you are choosing a crypto exchange platform, you must check whether this platform is offering the required stable coins or not.

The number of cryptocurrencies present on the crypto exchange may vary, and hence it becomes important to check the different cryptocurrencies available on a particular platform. Make sure that you also check the feedback of the crypto exchange. This will help you know better how your chosen platform works. Read more about What is Shiba Coin?

  • Diversify your portfolio– As we have mentioned above, the risk is a part of crypto trading, but if you are willing to reduce its impact, it is important to diversify your portfolio. Adding stable points through your list is one of the ways to reduce the impact of risk and volatility of the crypto market on your investments. At the same time, you should also explore other cryptocurrencies and disperse your amount into different cryptocurrencies as required.

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Final Words

Now you are aware of the cryptocurrencies and stable coins and what is the difference between the two. As a result, you will find it easier to make informed decisions.

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