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Sad Simpsons Episodes and Quotes

by Eric

The Simpsons cartoons are an American animated series created by Matt Groening for Fox Broadcasting Company. This cartoons series is the longest-running script in television history; sometimes it is full of canny sarcasm and occasional prophecy. The Simpsons were started on 17 Dec 1989 on fox cartoon animated comedy channel. These cartoons were started from a mocking point of view and they were soon famous all over the world. According to Paul A-Cantor; “The Simpsons provides the most sophisticated comedy and satire ever to appear on American television”.

The Simpsons always make us laugh and sad. It’s an emotional series and shows real-life problems, when people watch these cartoons they feel the pain of The Simpsons family. Today we will tell you about famous Sad Simpsons Episodes & Quotes, so let’s explore with us!

Sad Simpsons Episodes:

The Sad Simpsons Episodes made this show more interesting and make people cry. I list down those episodes;

  • Episode = “The Four Regrettings and A Funeral”

Marcia Wallace was providing the voice of Bart’s teacher, from 1990-2013. Sadly she passed away because of sickness in Oct2013. And then they never recast that character again they decided to retire that character. In this episode as usual Brat was writing on the chalkboard. He was writing; “We’ll miss you Mrs. K”. It was a very sad and lovely line.

  • Episode = “And Maggie Makes Three”

All granddaddy episodes start from the 6th season with “And Maggie Makes Three”. In this episode, the Simpsons family was watching their family album of photos and in this process reminisced about the unplanned Maggie birth. Homer’s plans for a different life were fully tossed out by the window after Maggie’s birth.

His dream was to work at Barney’s Bowlarama. He can get back to his job but he was compelled to look at an un-motivational quote to read “Don’t forget, you’re here forever”. At the end of the episode, the kids ask Homer; Why Maggie’s pictures are not in the album? He replied that Maggie’s pictures are here but I put them there where I keep happy. Maggie’s pictures cover-up that un-motivational plaque so it reads; “Don it for her”. It’s really a Sad Simpsons episode.

  • Episode = “Dog of Death”, Brats gets his dog back

In this Sad Simpsons episode Dog of Death the pet dog of Simpson’s family needed an expansive life-saving operation, the Simpsons family arrange the money by many sacrifices and they save their dog but because of their saving their problems had increased. And the Brat family shows their all frustration on Santa’s little helper. The dog’s name was Santa’s little helper. Because of the Simpsons family’s frustration, Santa’s little helper ran away from home. Read more about the best Simpsons season you must watch.

Brat gets upset and he severely misses his dog. His dog was caught by MR. Burn. He brainwashed Santa’s little helper and turn him into Burn’s guard dog. When Bart started to find his dog he reached Burn castle and there he saw his dog, but unfortunately burn ordered Santa’s little helper to attack Bart. At that time Bart desperately tries to remind him that we are best friends. When all seems lost his dog remembered him and finally, Bart got his dog back.

Sad Simpsons Quotes:

The Simpsons are emotional cartoons and they make us cry, their problem seems real and their pain also. Some Sad Simpsons quotes are as follow;

  • “Maybe I just wasn’t meant to have friends”
  • “I have no friends, and that makes me sad”
  • “I Tell Myself I Don’t Need Anybody But Truth Is Nobody Needs Me”
  • “Gee, sorry for being born”
  • “Stupid Society”
  • “You once made me happy, now your name breaks my heart”
  • “Why do I always think of the perfect things to say when it’s too late?”
  • “Mom, doesn’t any love story have a happy ending?”
  • “I’m sad, but nobody cares”
  • “Don’t Make Me Sad, Don’t Make Me Cry”
  • “This world scares me”
  • “I don’t know exactly what went wrong, but I know it’s my fault”
  • “I will not fake my way through life”
  • “Be myself? I’ve been myself for eight years and it hasn’t worked”
  • “Stupid World”
  • “OH God I’m gonna die alone”
  • “It’s not fair to toy people’s emotions”
  • “Nobody loves me”
  • “Welcome to reality”

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