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Reasons Why Students Have Trouble With Revision

by Eric

Examinations are the most stressful time for any student. During this period, you are tasked to go over what you were taught in the shortest time possible with the hope of remembering everything. However, why do students find it challenging to revise? Here are the reasons.

  • Procrastination

Many students tend to avoid reading. They do not want to read because they think it is a waste of time. So why should they read when they can memorize everything? However, the truth is that reading is essential to understand what you are studying.

  • Poor Time Management and Poor Organizational Skills

Students do not know how to manage their time effectively. They do not know how to organize their notes properly or use the time they have wisely to study effectively. Instead, students should learn how to manage their time correctly to study everything in a short period with no rush and no stress involved in the process.

  • Wrong Revision Techniques

Most students tend to choose the wrong revision techniques. They are unsure how to revise effectively, so they repeatedly look over the same things. This is a waste of time because it does not help improve their memory. Therefore, students should be taught how to revise correctly to remember everything they have learned.

How to Revise

Suppose you have science projects 4th grade to revise for? How best will you revise the project? The best approach is first to write down the topic of your project. Next, write down the crucial points that you have to remember. You can even write a summary of each point to memorize it quickly. You can also draw a mind map to see the entire project in your head and how each topic relates to one another.

The Revision Checklist

Students should go through a checklist when they are revising their notes. This checklist will help them check if they have studied everything or if there are still things that they missed out on. Once you have gone through your notes, you will know what you need to study and what you already know well enough to move on to other subjects or topics. Read more about Culinary art schools near me.

Past Papers

Students should also look at past papers. This will allow them to see what topics they need to study and how they are set up. Past papers are also a great way of assessing which parts of the topic you need to study more and which parts you know well enough.


Teachers can provide students with a revision timetable. This helps the students plan their time accordingly to study for the exams when they have the most energy and concentration. The timetable should also be divided into sections to know how long they should spend on each subject or topic. The latter will allow them to set a schedule and stick to it.

They can also give their students tips on revising correctly in an exam environment. This is a good way of helping them feel more confident about their exams and helping them understand what exactly is expected of them during the exam sessions. Another helpful tip is to use the various resources available on the Adobe Education Exchange.

Teachers can help by giving strategies on managing your time, what is allowed in an exam room, and what isn’t allowed in an exam room, including materials such as calculators, phones, or watches.


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