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Proposal Writing: Everything you should know

by Eric

Proposals are very important marketing documents. In proposals, you create written documents on a given subject. For writing a convincing proposal that attracts readers you need some requirements like a lot of caution, understanding of the audience, and creative writing. Proposals help the organization to create a professional relationship with donors for a project or contract. Proposal outlines show the planning of the implementation of the organization about the project or contract.  It gives ample info about intentions and the method managing ways and the results to be delivered from it. In some cases, a concept precedes a proposal for briefing the basic facts of the project idea.

As far as project ideas are concerned it has to face many challenges when you have to represent them in a framework. So Proposal writing is a very easy solution for your framework. It shows very clearly the facts of the project and it makes it easy to understand the planning of the project for donors. Proposals give a documentary shape to ideas otherwise the ideas don’t exist. In this article, I am going to illuminate you about the complete guidance about how to write a convincing proposal. So let’s get started!

Steps for Proposal Writing:

There are 7 very impactful steps for your proposal are as follow;

  • Elucidate the problem
  • Proffer your solution
  • Clarify your success criteria and deliverables
  • Explain your idea and method
  • Make an Outline of your project schedule and budget
  • Knot them all together / conclusion
  • Reread/edit your proposal

Elucidate the problem:

In the first step, you have to elucidate your project problem. It will give an overview of your proposal to the reader that for what kind of problem is discussed in the proposal and what problem you are trying to sort out. In this step, you apprised the reader that why this problem exists and why it is able to solve it. Try to represent your proposal problem to your audience as you see it. Read more about Writing Up a Ph.D. Thesis: 10 Tips from Experts.

Few tips for elucidating your proposal problem;

  • Take a very strong beginning.
  • Usually, decision-makers do not give a lot of time to take look over a proposal, so first, ensure that the main point is briefly elucidated in a way that will make a convincing impact on them.
  • For defining the problem you should use facts instead of opinions.

Proffer your Solution:

In the second step you will describe the solution of your proposal problem, and how can you solve it. You have to give arguments about your solution that why your probing option is better than the other similar solutions. And also give ample reason why the solutions of others are not workable.

Tips for proffering you the solution in proposal writing;

  • Predict guess about questions and objections. Give ample reasons about your solution that those reasons work like a screen for your proposal problem’s solution. Because it is a challenging task so you should prepare reasons for defending your solution from all angles. For instance; If your solution is more expensive then give reasons strong reasons about it that why your more expensive solution is a good option than the cheap solution.
  • Try to represent the huge impact of your solution.
  • The interesting fact is that the stakeholders usually give more attention to those projects with wide-ranging effects as compared to limited impacts.
  • Once more choose facts instead of opinion.
  • Proffer as many examples about your research for making it worthy.

Clarify your success criteria and deliverables:

The third step is to clarify your success criteria and deliverables. This part of the proposal proffers an image of the purposes and qualities of the deliverables and also this section help to know whether the project is successful.

Tips for Clarify your success and criteria and deliverables;

  • Enlighten the users that what they will get from your project,
  • Include a delivery date.
  • Your solution should be extraordinary.

Explain your idea and method:

This step is the key part of your proposal. This section of proposal writing discusses how to achieve the goals of the project. It begins with the key point’s elucidation and reasons why it is the better option. This part will tell how to manage the problem.

Tips for explaining your ideas and methods;

  • Introduce your project ideas and methodology
  • Elucidate how to tactfully deal with the problem and make its solution. This will help and save your proposal project from various management risks.

Make an Outline of your project schedule and budget:

In the fifth step, you will tell about the breakdown of project cost and complete details that how you can meet the deadline and do your work.

Tips for elucidating your project’s schedule and budget;

  • Proffer as much as you can give details about your project
  • Use facts and concrete reasons don’t take guesses and opinions

Knot them all together:

Finish your proposal by briefly summarizing the conclusion of the project’s problem, solution, and advantages. Highlight the special section of the problem and create a proposal with sample facts and ideas that will remember by the audience.

Reread/edit your proposal:

First of all, make sure that your proposal writing is not too vague because if it will vague it will create difficulties for the audience for understanding your point of view. Edit your proposal and reread it. Check out the grammar, spelling and punctuation.

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