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How To Write an Essay: Tips and Tricks for Beginners

by Eric

Writing an essay might seem difficult, but it is easier than you think. And there are not essay writers who say it, but students from all over the world. Practicing the right tips and tricks helps you write a compelling and impressive essay.

But for this, you need to be aware of the essay structure, length, format, and so on. There are some requirements you need to follow, requirements that you will surely find in the guidelines you got from your teacher. But apart from these, you also need to know how to build a powerful thesis statement, back it up with arguments, and logically organize the entire essay.

Beginners might see the task of writing an essay as more complicated than it is. This is because you might not have experience writing essays or assignments, so at a first glance, it might seem like an insurmountable obstacle. Well, we hope this list of tips and tricks for beginners will introduce you to the essay writing universe and help you handle the whole process successfully.

Preparing for the Essay Writing Process:

There are many steps you need to take to complete this task, and the first ones are in the preparation phase. Here you need to pay attention to a few things. You need to understand the requirements of your teacher; they will come with the details you need about your theme, essay type, and format.

Next, you should look for a topic. If you have a given one, then you could skip this step. But if you are allowed to choose your essay topic on a given theme, then make sure you choose something you have a genuine interest in. This will make the entire process easier because you will like what you are doing.

The next step should be the research. If you already have a topic, start your research and look for verified information. It is important to choose reputable sources and avoid highly polemical ones such as Wikipedia. Whenever you find some interesting information you would like to include in your essay, note it down along with the source. And when you have finished your research, all you need to do to finish the preparation phase is to create an outline.

An outline will help you give structure to your essay and organize the information logically and concisely. And then everything will run smoothly.

The Writing Process:

There are many types of essays you could be asked to write, but the most common is the argumentative one. Here, you need to build a thesis statement and expose it in the introduction, back it up with arguments, and then conclude in the end.

So, as you begin the writing process, you need to start with the introduction. Here you need to present your thesis statement as concisely as possible. Introduce it by presenting flabbergasting facts people are not aware of or a misconception the majority of people have. In the introduction, you need to hook the reader, to catch their attention so that they will continue reading your essay to find out more.

The main body is the next part of the essay you need to write. Here you need to organize your arguments that support your thesis statement. And because you might have many, you could present each of them in different paragraphs. When you introduce the next paragraph, the transition should be smooth. You can find online transition words and phrases you can use depending on the context and diversify your vocabulary. It is also important to not forget to present any facts or statistics that are relevant to the topic or argument. These show that you have done your research thoroughly. How to Find a Credible Source for Writing an Essay on a Health Care Topic.

The conclusion of the essay should be strong, as it is the last thing your reader will remain with. When writing the conclusion, you might want to consider a few tips and tricks. Avoid presenting new information and introducing new arguments or undermining the already presented ones. Do not forget that you need to wrap up all that you have written and connect it with the introduction and thesis statement. You can also leave your reader with some food for thought, and this will surely leave an impact on them. Aim to avoid using common phrases as “In conclusion”. Find something creative.

The Final Phase:

Many students overlook the final phase as they have tight deadlines. But this step is very important and it can assure the success of your paper. After you have written your essay, let it be set aside for at least one day. Then, return to it, read it again, and edit and proofread it.

You might notice some typos or grammar mistakes. But you can also rephrase some of your sentences, thus making them more logical, well-structured, and powerful. And this final phase will add more value to your essay, something that your teacher will appreciate. You can also use tools for checking your spelling and grammar mistakes; Grammarly is a popular one you can use.

Ending Note:

Writing an essay can be difficult, especially for beginners. You only see a huge list of requirements to follow and do not know where to start. We hope that with this list of tips and tricks you can start writing your essay and completing your task successfully. Take everything step by step, plan it ahead, be patient with yourself, and everything should run smoothly.

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