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Pokemon Crystal Clear Version

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Pokemon Crystal Clear Version

What is Pokemon crystal clear?

Pokemon Crystal Clear is a ROM hack of Pokemon Crystal that turns the game into an open sandbox. You can choose whether to start in Kanto or Johto and face the 16 aerobics leaders from Kanto and Johto in any order. It is written by Shockslayer, which released the latest update of the game (2.1. 0) in September 2020. Relive your journey through the Kanto and Johto region in this fun Pokemon ROM hack! Catch all 251 Pokemon in the Pokemon Crystal Clear version. Pokemon Crystal Clear Version is a ROM hack of the popular Pokemon

Crystal Version for Game Boy Color (GBC). This hack features an open-world game that allows the player to explore both the Johto region and the Kanto region. The hack has extensive gameplay and has 24 Pokemon starters to choose from. The levels of coaches and gym leaders also increase with the player, which makes the game much more challenging. One of the game’s features includes character customization, the new E4, new locations, and more.

Crystal Clear has been built on Crystal Pokemon since 2000 to prioritize player freedom by implementing a range of new mechanics that have drastically improved in the vanilla game. Late game species could be encountered almost immediately after they started, coaches could challenge gyms in any order they liked, and even the annoying “evolving through trade” mechanic was corrected by introducing a new-known NPC known as by Trade back Guy. Read more

Pokemon crystal clear new features:

  • Opening sequence
  • The open-world
  • Gym and coaches
  • New features and changes in quality of life
  • New options
  • General improvements
  • Elite Four
  • Map changes and additions
  • Obtaining and compatibility
  • The music
  • Brilliant hunting
  • Renewable resources, E4 reset, and transactions
  • Testimonials and decorations
  • HMS
  • Various things
  • New functions from v2.1.1
  • New Decks
  • Residences
  • Footprints
  • Nickname palette
  • Arena
  • New maps and changes over the world

New events

30 starters: Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle, Chikorita, Cyndaquil, TotoDile, Pikachu, Eevee, Psyduck, Slowpoke, Seel, Growlithe, Houndour, Ponyta, Voltorb, Porygon, Pichu, Cleffa, Igglybuff, Togepmo, Togepmo, T Ditto, Unown, Magikarp, Shuckle, Vulpix.

Pokemon crystal clear game reviews:

In 1999, Pokemon was a fast-paced franchise. In 1996, the first games were seen, Pokemon Red Version and Pokemon Blue Version, which galvanized the landscape of the games. Then an anime based on the phenomenon would push the franchise forward and further, all riding on the back of the little yellow mouse mascot that we don’t have to mention. Pokemon Crystal would be the first Pokemon title of the millennium, and the second generation has come into play.

Although you jumped before twenty years and we have an improvement of the classic through Pokemon Crystal Clear. This game is a room hack that takes over the vanilla version of Pokemon Crystal clear and makes changes to provide something similar to the developer’s hack. So, surprisingly, it plays just like any of the Pokemon Game Boy titles. Although it has a certain level of charm and flair that only a version made with a fan can offer.

Improving perfection:

For many, the second generation of Pokemon still remains the best series it had to offer during its long reign at the top of the gaming elite. Many would think of improving this title to be a bit unrealistic. Although Shockslayer, the developer of this product, does this with ease by not tying the boat, but pushing it slightly into a better position, with slight changes to an already adored formula.

From Linear to Sandbox:

This series of games has always had a direct goal of directing the player to the final goal of the Pokemon league is a very neat and well-structured order. However, this title gives players the freedom to approach gyms in any order they want and allows players to bypass HM barricades by simply removing them. It gives players the ability to play their way and offers an emerging style of play that has always been present in the series, but not on this scale.

More RPG elements:

Pokemon has always had a main quest line and minor subplots for players to follow throughout their journey. However, there was never an option to complete optional side missions. At least in the conventional sense. Players will encounter a series of well-written and charismatic NPCs, with interesting missions to offer. We especially recommend the legendary Pokemon obsessed with searching for Equine.

Along with this, some existing NPCs have been modified to push the plot naturally. Take the museum receptionist, for example. In the basic game, not having enough money would act as a barrier to the continuation of the story. However, in Rom, she will close her eyes to the player to facilitate the search for knowledge by a small child. It’s a subtle but welcome addition.

Trading was easy:

The most notable change is the man of exchange. An NPC that facilitates the trading of Pokemon that evolve through transactions and then offers them back directly to you. This allows players to fill more of their Pokedex, earn Pokemon that are larger and more powerful versions of their existing party, and eliminate the dependence on those unpleasant commercial cables of yesteryear. Thank God time has passed.

A personal touch:

Community support for this title has been huge since the release of the first version and there have been huge improvements since then. One of these is the ability to import your own sprites into the game. This allows you to walk around the new imagined Johto as a perfect representation of you. In 2000, you were stuck with a default design, but now the game has evolved for the better.

A whole new world:

Like someone who grew up with Pokemon in the front and center of their childhood. Trying to change a classic like Pokemon Crystal would in most cases be considered sacrilege. Although, credit where the credit is due, Shockslayer has developed this adaptation and really taken the game to a new level. Beauty lies in the subtlety of change.

The instructors will also adapt to your level, depending on how many badges you have and what level your party is at. This means that you always face a fair and balanced challenge, no matter how you approach the game.




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