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Is CBD the Safest Treatment for Cushing’s Syndrome in Dogs?

by Eric

The debilitating Cushing’s disease occurs because of a malfunction in the canine’s endocrine system. It is preferable to rely on a natural treatment for Cushing’s in dogs instead of a wholly aggressive approach. Vets diagnose Cushing’s syndrome by conducting blood tests.

Holistic vets recommend resorting to a natural first round of treatment. When combined with a nutritious diet, adequate exercise, and water intake, CBD supplements highly benefit your ailing canine. Cushing’s syndrome is more common in older canines and certain breeds like boxers, retrievers, terriers, beagles, and dachshunds.

Treating Cushing’s Disease:

Most often, your Cushing’s disease-afflicted pooch is prescribed hormone-regulating medication or surgery to eliminate the growing tumor. The surgical option is invasive, while heavy medication could result in liver damage and other unpleasant side effects.

By far, the most natural treatment for Cushing’s in dogs is full-spectrum hemp-derived CBD. It treats the hormonal imbalance, shrinks, and prevents tumors responsible for the onset of Cushing’s from spreading.

Whether the hormonal imbalance is in the adrenal or pituitary gland, full-spectrum hemp-derived CBD corrects the damage. When manufactured using best industry practices, full-spectrum oral tinctures contain a healthy mix of cannabinoids with healing properties.

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Dosing and Administering Essentials:

Your canine is unique and an integral part of your family. Make sure you consult with your regular vet before administering CBD. Your dog’s doctor will arrive at a dosage based on how advanced Cushing’s syndrome is and how sensitive your pet’s internal endocannabinoid system is.

As your furry pal displays signs of improvement, you can cut back on the recommended dosage. For the CBD to directly enter your four-legged companion’s bloodstream, lift its lips and apply the oil over the gum area. This ensures quick and thorough absorption of CBD.

When added to pedigree, the CBD takes longer to enter your dog’s bloodstream as it first navigates the canine’s gastrointestinal system. If Cushing’s syndrome leads to visible growth over your pet’s skin, apply full-spectrum topical lotion on the affected region.

While introducing your furry pal to natural CBD treatment, the vet may suggest you gradually wean them off the initially prescribed Cushing’s medication.

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Benefits of Natural Treatment:

Conventional treatment that involves aggressive drugs, radiation, or surgery does not necessarily allow your dog to lead a quality life. Neither can these methods assure you of extending your pet pooch’s lifespan.

On the contrary, natural CBD alternatives capably manage your canine’s Cushing’s resulting discomfort, especially when reliably tested. Because of its condition, your pet may get anxious and stress out faster, causing higher cortisol levels to develop.

CBD helps to calm your dog’s nerves and enhances its overall well-being. This natural and safe alternative to conventional Cushing’s treatment methods has a desirable outcome as it grants your faithful buddy a happy and healthy existence.

Along with CBD, give your dog a wholesome diet comprising low fat, high protein, fruits, and veggies to improve the effectiveness of the natural treatment.

Place your trust in seasoned CBD experts who propagate natural treatment for canines battling Cushing’s syndrome. When the full-spectrum formulation is organic, it rules out an adverse reaction in your dog detected with Cushing’s.

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