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How to Use Adobe’s New Wave Camera in Photoshop

by Eric

It’s fun to fool around with Adobe Photoshop. This unique tool can be a resource for a photographer looking to fine-tune their photos or just a chance for an aspiring student to play around with different brushes. There’s no limit to what somebody can accomplish on Photoshop. Those opportunities are even more vast when you have the right photography equipment, before you start making the adjustments you seek to make.

Choosing the Right Camera

Choosing the Right Camera

From an amateur photographer to a professional, the right camera can make all the difference in getting the images you seek. For example, the Wave Camera from Freefly Systems helps photographers get multiple attempts at the shot they’re looking for. The Wave camera features an ultra-high-speed capturing system with a passive E mount and internal SSD storage. This is a viable option for photographers looking to grab pics in motion, without having to worry about instantaneously deleting the takes that just weren’t the right setting.

Freefly’s Wave system uses a Super 35 sensor, the common contrast to a full-frame set-up in photography. The maximum FPS is 9259, however, the resolution is a bit odd at 4K 16:1 and the frame height is 256. In 2K it’s 3275. This operating system is a high speed, making the Freefly Wave camera an asset with continuous capture time throughout an event or phenomenon. With a full-size HDMI output, these Freefly Wave units come with even more extensive storage than before, with the ability to sync up with a mobile app or cloud system.

What Photoshop Can Do for You

What Photoshop Can Do for YouThe Wave camera provides multiple opportunities for a photographer to get the shot that they desire. However, programs like Photoshop can help to enhance that raw image. You can download Adobe Photoshop free of charge for a trial run of this software before committing to a subscription. A free trial of Photoshop gives you seven days to test out this software, including Lightroom, a highly touted app for bulk photo editing that can come in handy for a pro.

Adobe provides multiple options for this trial run, with just Photoshop to test out adjustments in gradients and color schemes, or expanding to the entirety of the Creative Cloud app system. This allows access to additional apps like Adobe Illustrator that allows photogs to sketch over the selfie they took on their mobile device. Adobe Photoshop lets users test out filters to make their photos pop with certain changes to the light to really feature the subject of the piece. For instance, you can use a Photoshop wave filter to give your images an artistic look. This program also lets users adjust the layout of a scheme, and a litany of other accessories to explore that could make a picture one-of-a-kind.

Tips and Tricks

Tips and TricksFrom beginners to experts, a test run of Photoshop can help a user discover the wonderful world of photo editing. With the free download of Adobe you also get tutorials, and these are highly recommended for a new photo editor who wants to understand what’s at their fingertips. This will put an emphasis on tools like the magic wind and magnetic lasso that make editing within these Adobe apps that much easier. By better understanding the image editor, users learn how to retouch photo and create a more regulated format for their bevvy of photos.

Tools like the spot healing brush help to take that selfie you want to post on social media, and give you the glow you’re looking to present online or in your dating profile. Pencils within Photoshop allow for the fine tuning coloration of a picture to make the natural beauty of a structure really shine. Photographers can even take advantage of layer styles that provide special effects, creating texture for still pics. Overall, the right camera combined with Adobe Photoshop is the winning combo for a a camera-lover of any age and skill level.

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