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Stärkste Taschenlampe | Olight Marauder 2 strongest flashlight

by Eric

The flashlight is needed by every person in this modern time. Most people think if they have a flashlight on their phone they don’t need another one in their pocket, but it is compulsory when you are going out. Your phone flashlight is only applicable if you want to look at something around you but what if you want to see an object far away from you? If you want to see who is coming your way you need to see him from a distance so if there is anything dangerous you can take precautionary measures to solve it. When you are going to woods your phone flashlight cannot help you much you need a Stärkste Taschenlampe which can show you an object which is many meters away from you. The same is the case when you go hiking or outdoor activities.

Specifications of strong flashlight:

When you talk about the strongest flashlight you can get one from Olight because they give quality products at a low price. They provide you strong flashlight which you can carry and provides maximum durability.  A strong flashlight provides many thousand lumens (A measure of output of light source) and LEDs are placed in such a way they can give you enough light so you don’t need anything else to see. Olight is an expert in providing a good battery so you can carry your flashlight with you and it has enough charging for your whole trip.

There are several products of Olight are available which are strong enough to meet your requirements. You can choose one according to your need. Let’s discuss one in detail

Olight Marauder 2 Powerful Flashlight:

Olight Marauder 2 is a very strong flashlight that gives an output of 14,000 lumens and you can make your several operations very easy. It can cover a wide range of about 800 meters and provide good durability. There are two modes available escaped mode or focused mode you can choose according to your need there is also a rotary switch present on it which you can use easily and you can switch between 7 brightness levels. There are 2 sensors available proximity sensor and a temperature sensor that automatically sense the temperature and adjust the brightness level of a flashlight. In this way, it is safe to use and you have peace of mind while using it. It can illuminate your surrounding just like you are standing in daylight.

Technical details:

Beam Distance (ft):                                        2,624

Beam Distance (m):                                    800

Max. Performance (lumens):                    14,000

Charge Type:                                               USB-C Charging Cable

Powered By:                                                 Customized three 3.6V 5000mAh 21700 rechargeable lithium-ion batteries (built-in)

Light Intensity (candela):                           160,000

Light Form:                                                 Floodlight and Spotlight

Lens / Reflector Type:                               Optical Lenses (12 TIR lenses and 1 converging lens)

Mode Operation:                                        3D Rotary Knob Switch and Toggle Switch

Form/Size Factor:                                       Large Size (Deodorant Spray / Coke Can)

Body Material:                                            Aluminum Alloy

Drop Test:                                                    1 Meter

Waterproof:                                                 IPX8

Weight (g / Oz):                                           750g / 26.5oz

Length (mm / in):                                        140mm / 5.51in

Head Diameter (mm / in):                          79mm / 3.11in

Body Diameter (mm / in):                          53mm / 2.09in

Light Source:                                                High Performance Cool White LEDs

Packaging:                                                     Carton gift box

Use:                                                                 Search & rescue; Self-defense; Car; Camping; Fishing; Household; General use; Climbing; Cave exploration; Outdoor activities; Law enforcement.

In The Box:                                                      Marauder 2 (batteries built-in) x 1; 0.8-meter USB-C (C2C) Charging Cable x 1; Lanyard x 1; 30W USB-C power adapter x 1; User Manual x 1.


Olight marauder 2 is Stärkste Taschenlampe and it is updated version of X7R marauder series. It is waterproof and clears the drop test of 1 meter. You can easily choose marauder 2 if you are looking for the strongest flashlight. Its battery is very strong about 54 wh pack and can last for many hours. If you are going on to trip or camping it is a perfect partner with good durability. Olight provides quality work and everyone has access to these products because these products are easy to operate and economical to buy.

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