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How to say Where are you in Spanish?

by Eric

Are you English speaking person & you are in a country where people use Spanish Dialect? Spanish is a global language; moreover 500 million people use it the world. Spanish is the official language of 20 countries. Spanish is a beautiful most colorful and romantic language. If you are in a country where people use the Spanish language then it’s important for you that you should know some basic and common sentences in the Spanish language. For example, if you forget the direction or lose your friends in the market, then only these questions come to mind & that is: Where are you? Where are you now? Or where are you going? Today we will teach you How to say Where are you in Spanish? So let’s Begin!

Some Common Phrases in Spanish:

If you want to ask Where are you? In Spanish dialect, you will use “Donde Estas”?

If you want to ask this question in plural form, then you will say “Donde Estan”?

Similar questions Such as;

If you want to say Where are you now? In Spanish you will say “Donde estas ahora”?

If you want to ask Where are you going? In Spanish, you will say “A Donde vas”?

If you want to ask some that Where are you Form? In Spanish, you will say it “De Donde eres”?

Meaning of Spanish Words:

Now I’m gonna tell you the meanings of Spanish words which we use for asking Where are you?

We use “Donde Estas”

The word “Donde” means “Where”.

The word “estar” means “to be”.

The word “Tu” in Spanish means “you”.

When we connect these all words then we produce the phrase Where are you?

Some Basic pronouns of the Spanish language:

What we are telling you is not only use for where are you by this you can learn many words in Spanish; those will help you to speak it correctly. Some common pronouns in Spanish are as follow;

  • In Spanish “Tu” means “you”.
  • For the word “I” You will use “Yo”.
  • For calling the singular person informal form, in Spanish, you will use “el” (he), “Ella” (she), “usted” (you).
  • For the word “We” in Spanish, you will use “Nosotros”.

Forms of “Estar”:

Different forms of “estar” can use for different words. Such as;

“Donde Estas”? This phrase means Where are you in Spanish. It is used for friends and informal use.

When you have to give some respect to someone or ask questions in their respective forms, you will use “Donde Esta”? Esta is used for formal phrases. Read more about Best Language School in Singapore for Your English Course

For questions in plural form, you will use “Donde Estan”? Estan is used to highlight a group. it is deemed as a formal phrase.

Don’t mix “Donde” & “Adonde”

“Donde” & “Adonde” are two different words. People mix them, they use “Donde” & “Adonde” for one word “Where”.

“Donde” means “Where”.

“Adonde” means “to where”.

For example, if you want to as “Where they are going”? In Spanish, you will use “Adonde” instead of “Donde”. The phrase in Spanish dialect will for “Where they are going”?  “Adonde van”?

Use online Spanish Dictionary:

In the modern era, nothing is impossible. If you have an interest in the Spanish dialect or you are in a country where people use Spanish, then you have thousands of options to learn it. You can attend complete classes of Spanish course or you for urgent you can use online or offline Spanish dictionary for help. In this article, we introduced you to many words and not only told you how to say Where are you in Spanish, but we also enlighten some other questions forms phrases to you. Keep practicing these words and enhance your Spanish vocabulary.

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