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Fedco Seeds: Catalog, Divisons and shipping schedule

by Eric

Fedco Seeds is a United States seeds supplying company. It is situated in Clinton & Maine. This company is founded in 1978 by C.R Lawn. Fedco is one the biggest company of vegetable seeds suppliers in the United States. It has a lot of special seeds varieties for small seasons & Northern growers. Fedco company selling items are seeds, trees & bulbs. During the covid-19 period 2020 & 2021, Fedco sold their products more than their usual selling ratio. Fedco is a cooperative seed and garden supply company. Every year this company tests hundreds of types of seeds, & the best seeds they include in their catalog. The seeds of Fedco are organic. No GMOs. 60% of cooperative are owned by customers and 40% of workers members. Fedco purchases items worldwide. This company spurs durable growing methods.

Catalog of Fedco Seeds:

Fedco catalog includes all info about the company’s selling products. Fedco release 3 catalogs every year. In their catalogs all you can get all info about the seeds and products what this company sale. By downloading their catalog you can order your seeds. If you don’t want to order online you can contact the company and order your seeds. Now Fedco all division products have a separate catalog. It will help you to order and find info about that seed which one you want to order. It also saves you a lot of time. When you order a product from Fedco online or through mailing you are automatically added to the Fedco catalog. If you want a paper catalog then contact from the home page to join their mailing list or social following. Fedco Company doesn’t take phone or fax orders.

Divisions of Fedco Seeds:

Fedco Company has 5 divisions. Their divisions are as follow;

  • Fedco Seeds
  • Potatoes, Onions, and Exotics
  • Organic Growers Supply
  • Fedco Trees
  • Fedco Bulbs

Is Fedco Seeds having retail stores?

Do you have a question that is Fedco has retail stores? So the answer is no. Fedco doesn’t have any retail stores. Fedco is basically a mail-order business company. It works from three warehouses. Fedco warehouse situated on the Bellsqueeze & Hinckley roads in Clinton, Maine. Read more about the Amazing Services of Walmart Burbank.

Sipping Schedule of Fedco seeds:

The location of Fedco warehouses is in cold areas, where 9 months season stay cold and 5 months November to April the ground was often frozen so they set a seasonal schedule for shipping perishable products. The Seasonal shipping schedule for perishable items is as follow;

  • Fedco only ships perishable plants and trees in the spring season.
  • They ship fall bulbs and garlic just before planting in autumn.
  • They ship onions and potatoes seeds only in April and May.
  • Fedco only ships seeds from January to October. Then they take a break for preparing for the next year.
  • They ship books, cover foods, and supplies around the year.
  • They can only adjust a limited number of pickups, because of the location they have to close their pickups option earlier than 15 April.

The discount volume of Potatoes, Onions & Exotics:

The discount volume for potatoes, onions & exotics is as follow;

  • 5% on 100$
  • 10% on 300$
  • 15$ on 600$
  • 20% on 1200$

But there is also a limit on discounts if you order more than 1000lbs bulk price will automatically be applied to your order. Bulk pricing orders don’t have any discount volume. You have to pay fully.

Is Fedco Seeds ship their products to Canada?

Yes. Fedco Seeds ship only vegetables, herbs, and flowers to Canada. All the prices of Fedco products are in U.S dollars. If you want to order from Canada then first you have to log in with a Canadian postal code. Fedco doesn’t ship their other divisions’ items to Canada.

It is a United States seeds supply company. If you want to order or want to know more about Fedco Company then visit Fedco seeds home page and check their new catalogs which they have released for 2022.

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