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How to Maintain an Environmentally Friendly Living | A Few Simple Steps

by Eric

As humans become more advanced, they start to realize how they are affecting their environment at a much deeper level. Everyone knows that humankind is depleting natural resources and harming the environment at a much faster pace than ever before. It is time for everyone to take responsibility for the role they play in their daily life to contribute to this problem and change their ways to become more environmentally friendly living. If you are someone who wants to move towards a more eco-friendly lifestyle, you have come to the right place. Mentioned below are some of the most useful steps that you can start taking today to maintain a more environmentally friendly living:

  1. Stop using plastic bags

Everyone knows that plastic bags are bad for the environment. Not only do they take centuries to decompose, they also pose a great threat to marine habitat and wildlife. Many animals suffocate to death by getting entangled in plastic bags, so you never know where a small plastic bag might end up. You should instead start using paper or fabric bags.

Wherever you go grocery shopping, you should take a paper bag with you, that way you won’t have to use the plastic bags you get at the store. Keep reusing the same bags over and over again until they are no longer usable. You should then dispose of them properly by recycling if possible.

Donate used goods

If you have a lot of clothes, shoes, and other things that are taking up space in your closet you should donate them to goodwill. Rather than getting rid of your used goods and adding to the ever-increasing waste management problem in the world, you can give them to people who need them.

This way, you will not only give your used items a second life but also help some families who are in need. Plus, you preserve the environment by not adding to the waste management problem.

Don’t be wasteful of water

On a planet that is composed of 71% water, you would think that one thing that we would never run out of, is water, however, water is a much scarcer resource than you might think.

It is because over 90% of the water that we have is salt water and only 1% of the water is actually usable. This makes water one of the most precious resources on earth and we should think twice before wasting even a little bit of it.

It is best if we start thinking using reverse osmosis or distilled water which can help make saltwater drinkable. Both of these processes are different ways to rid the water of impurities and make it drinkable. If we can figure out a way to make saltwater usable on a large scale, the world will never have to worry about water ever again.

Avoid disposable things

We often have food in plastic or paper plates and use disposable utensils without thinking where they are going to go once we are done using them. You will be surprised to know that 20% of the total waste in America, which is over 50 million tons in weight, comes from disposable products like plastic plates and utensils, cheap plastic ware, paper towels and napkins, and disposable diapers. 

Moreover, the production of these products results in a serious emission of greenhouse gasses that are ruining our atmosphere. This is why it is best to steer away from using any disposable products in our daily lives and look towards other alternatives.

Eat healthier

If someone asked you how to become more eco-friendly, maintaining a healthier diet isn’t something you will tell them off the top of your head. However, eating healthier will reduce your carbon footprint considerably which is going to keep the environment healthier.

Thus, make sure that you reduce your meat and dairy intake first of all because these things have the biggest effect on your carbon footprint. This is because foods that come from animals produce a lot more greenhouse gasses as opposed to vegetables, and grain.

Animal-derived foods are responsible for more than 15% of the greenhouse gasses produced all over the world. This doesn’t mean that you need to become a vegan or a vegetarian, however, you should try to reduce the amount of animal-derived meals you have every week.  Read more about  What is earth day, Earth day quotes, and earth day quiz?

Use an environmentally friendly car

Vehicles that run on petrol or diesel are the biggest contributors to the co2 production in the world, which makes them a major cause of global warming. Ideally, you should use public transport or walk to cover small distances.

However, that might not be possible for everyone, which is why you should shift to an electric or hybrid car that will reduce the amount of CO2 that you put in the atmosphere every day. Hybrid and electric cars are becoming much more common in developed countries because they aren’t too expensive and get the job done. So, shift to an electronic car as soon as possible if you want to play your role in preserving the environment.

Use biodegradable products

One of the worst things about trash is that you never know where it is going to end up. In order to make sure your used products don’t end up causing harm to the environment, wildlife, and marine life you should avoid buying synthetic products in the first place and use biodegradable products instead.

These biodegradable products will degrade over time because of being exposed to bacteria and fungi. Moreover, the production of biodegradable products takes less energy and resources than other products that aren’t biodegradable.


So there you have it, these are some ways that you can start changing your life to become more eco-friendly. If you really care about the environment you will never hesitate to go out of your way to help the environment. You need to become more and more conscious about how your actions are affecting the environment and what you can do to change that.

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