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How to clear IBPS clerk exam in two months

by Eric

IBPS clerk exam is held every year by IBPS to fulfill the available seats in the banking sector. Lakhs of people appear for the exam to secure a job in the bank but only a few can clear the exam. Candidates have to go through three phases to attain a seat. First, they have to apply for the prelims exam. Once they qualify for the prelims, they can appear for the mains exam. If a candidate attains the required cut-off and a name in the merit list, he/she will be called for the final discussion and interview. Thus, candidates have to thoroughly prepare for the three different phases so that they can get their dream job.

Sometimes candidates do not have enough time left to prepare for the exam. Thus, they have to prepare for the exam in a short period. If aspirants want to clear the IBPS clerk exam in just two months, they have to work very hard and use the right strategies for exam preparation. Working hard for exam preparation can help candidates to reach their goals and secure a job in the bank. There is a tough competition for the available seats and each candidate tries his/her best to clear the exam.

Important tips to follow to clear IBPS clerk exam in two months

Candidates can follow the tips given here to clear the IBPS clerk exam in just two months. Candidates have to study seriously for two months to get a job in the banking sector. Candidates can divide the available time properly so that they can cover the entire syllabus in two months.

They can check the IBPS clerk syllabus 2021 and the pattern of the exam on the official website of IBPS. This will help them to divide their time into different parts.

In the beginning, the candidates must focus on understanding the concepts of all subjects. They should go through the important topics. They should try to solve the questions based on important topics. Candidates must have a proper understanding of all topics to clear the exam. Candidates should improve their calculation speed by solving previous year question papers. Regular and thorough practice of all important topics is important because it can help them to manage their time and speed in the exam.

Candidates should practice topic-wise test papers to get hold of all important topics. They should try to practice as many questions from each section as they can because this will help them to know their weak points. They can improve their weak areas by doing regular practice and solving similar questions.

Candidates have to do a thorough practice of all the important topics as per the syllabus prescribed by IBPS. Solving mock tests and previous year’s sample papers will help candidates to solve the maximum number of questions in the exam. This will also help them to improve accuracy and avoid making mistakes.

Revision is an important part of the preparation strategy. Candidates should spare some time in the end for doing a quick revision of all important topics, formulas, and theorems. They should also revise important grammar rules, tables, etc.

How to prepare for different subjects to clear the IBPS clerk exam in two months?

Candidates can use time appropriately to clear the exam. Managing time and using it the right way is very important because time management will help candidates to clear the exam.

English is an easy section to prepare for the IBPS clerk exam. The most important thing is to revise all grammar concepts. Candidates can revise grammar concepts from Wren and Martin’s book. They should solve mock tests to know the type of questions asked in the grammar section. Candidates can improve their English skills by reading newspapers, magazines, and articles from books. They can make notes of new words as it will help to improve their vocabulary. They can use new words for the writing part.

Candidates must have proper knowledge about the tricks to solve questions asked in the reasoning ability. The syllabus for this part of the exam includes direction, distance-based questions, syllogism, inequality, blood relation, etc. Candidates need to understand the basic concepts to solve the questions of this section.

Candidates should go through the topics related to number series, quadratic equations, average, ratio and proportion, percentage, and other such important topics for the exam. They should focus on speed and accuracy in the exam because no extra time is given to solve the questions. Candidates can improve their speed and accuracy by solving mock tests, revision papers, test papers, previous year’s papers, etc.

Candidates should make a timetable and they should follow the time seriously. This is important to cover the entire syllabus. There is no possibility left to miss an important topic for the exam. The timetable should be such that equal time is devoted to all subjects. Read more about Services Where You can Get Calculus Homework Help.

Candidates should revise the important formulas, theorems, rules, grammar concepts, etc before the exam. This will help them to memorize the important topics and things for the exam. They should revise topic-wise for the exam preparation.

Candidates must be clear about the most relevant concepts of the different subjects. When candidates have to begin topic-wise revision they should understand the basic concepts. They can first revise the easy ones and later they can focus on the difficult ones because this will help them to memorize the important topics for the exam.

Candidates can make short notes for the exams. They can make notes here to get an idea of the important rules and formulas at the last moment. They can make notes from the information available on the internet so that it is easy for them to revise the main concepts as quickly as possible.

Thus, candidates can follow the tips given here to clear the IBPS clerk exam in two months. They can spend one month understanding the concepts of all chapters and the second month should be used for revision only because revising the main and important concepts before the exam is an important tool to reach their target and goals in life.

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