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How to Choose the Best Whiteboard Calendar

by Eric

Your day is bound to feel more pleasant and easy if your tasks and events are organized and planned. Calendars and planners will be perfect tools to make things practical and efficient at your workplace and household.

Before choosing a whiteboard calendar, you will need to check your requirements and consider other relevant factors. If used strategically, a board calendar can help you save a ton of time.


The size of a whiteboard calendar is a significant aspect to consider. The calendar should be neither too small nor too big. A small one may be the ideal choice for your office table, and you can use it to record your appointments and meetings. A large whiteboard calendar can be used to present monthly planning reports and other stats to a large crowd.

On the other hand, a household will require a medium-sized planner, which can be wall-mounted or attached to the refrigerator or other magnet-friendly surface. It must have enough space so that you can write clear, legible instructions.

Specific Requirements:

High-quality whiteboard calendars come with extra features in addition to the daily planner space. Some such calendars even come with a to-do list alongside. This can help you keep track of pending tasks for each day.

Like organizations, individuals have missions and visions as well. Calendars that contain planners help you stay in touch with your short and long-term personal and professional goals. You may write review notes and instructions in the remark columns in the board calendar to stay motivated and updated.

You can also review your daily, weekly, or monthly performance using these calendars. Some whiteboards also come with pre-printed instructions and other appealing features that improve their usability. Consider your organizing goals and requirements carefully before choosing a whiteboard planner or calendar.


You should consider the size and texture of the wall, fridge, or other surfaces where you plan to place the calendar. In fact, the placement and positioning of the calendar whiteboard could also impact their functionality. A well-placed calendar offers enhanced efficiency. It needs to be in a common location in the house, like the kitchen, and it needs to be at a height that’s ideal for all members of the family to read. Read more about What does the Bruh moment means?

Special Features:

Whiteboards come with different attractive features. For instance, magnetic whiteboards will be the perfect fit if you plan to place them on refrigerators. Meanwhile, a whiteboard with a stand and heavy-duty wheels might be an excellent choice for office spaces as it is mobile and can be relocated from room to room.

Many institutes and firms have wall spaces that can fit announcement boards and planning boards. A wall-mounted calendar whiteboard will be ideal for such areas.


The surface and frame material used determine the durability of the calendars. If you are looking for a board calendar that is lightweight and easy to carry, a plastic calendar may be the best choice. For a more sturdy and durable frame, you may opt for a board calendar made out of stainless steel. For mobility purposes, a retractable whiteboard calendar with roller wheels will be the perfect option.

Consider placing the calendar in an accessible, visible spot. So before choosing a board calendar, you must choose the spot to put it, so you know how much space is available.

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