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How to Choose Plumbing Fixtures?

by Eric

Have you decided to replace your old plumbing fixtures or are you renovating a new bathroom? What do you need to consider when choosing plumbing fixtures? With such a huge choice it is difficult not to be confused. Therefore, we prepared a review with expert advice. The time has come in your life to buy new plumbing? To make the right choice, you should first understand what to look for when choosing such necessary household items. It is better to make a purchase prepared.

That is why we decided to collect for you a series of recommendations and tell you what types of plumbing and what you should pay special attention to.

A harmonious combination

Going shopping, remember that the bathtub, toilet and bidet (in the combined version), shower stall, and sink must be combined with each other. The materials, style, and quality of all plumbing are important. Moreover, it is extremely important to take care of and preventive care of the plumbing. Many people need a plumber now, simply because they forget about prevention.

The main requirements when choosing sanitary ware – are convenience, comfort, hygiene. And here the style, shape, and size are chosen to depend on personal preferences and the peculiarities of space.

Do not forget about the quality of products. After all, you will not install them for one year. For each type of sanitary ware, there are their own requirements. Read more about Tips To avoid Your Water Pipes Freezing This Winter.

What kind of sanitary ware is better to choose

The most popular washbasins and toilets are made of porcelain or faience (porcelain, sanitary ware). What is the main difference between them? Externally, they are very similar. But there is a difference between them.

Porcelain sanitary ware has a beautiful appearance, is lightweight, and is relatively inexpensive. Its surface is characterized by porosity.

Porcelain products look very smooth because the way the material is fired is different. It is more resistant to temperature changes and takes care of porcelain more conveniently since sludge and dirt do not remain on it. If the room is unheated, it is better to give preference to porcelain sanitary ware. It is more expensive than faience products, but also heavier.

Let us also highlight a number of other materials that are used in the manufacture of sanitary ware.

Composite products. They are characterized by increased strength compared to other materials. They are not afraid of mechanical impacts and chemical substances. Externally, they are similar to the granite surface. Have excellent smoothness and shine. They require minimal care because they do not pick up dirt. The disadvantages include their high cost.

Marble. It is considered an expensive, luxurious, and durable material. But due to its porosity, additional care is required, as marble surfaces get dirty quickly.

Glass. A trendy material because it creates an attractive ambiance in the bathroom. In terms of durability, it can compete with faience and porcelain. In the manufacture of such sanitary ware, there are higher requirements for hardening and strength. Requires constant care, since the glass shows any stains, drips. Washbasins will have to be wiped dry daily.

Sinks: how to choose

Since sinks come in different shapes and mounting methods (tulip, shaped, wall-mounted, and cascade), then first of all pay attention to the holes for the mixer. Different types of sinks have different sets of faucet holes, and there are quite a few to choose from.

Pay attention to the fact that the sinks with a safety hole against overflow (overflow) of water are equipped with special fasteners and their own trap. Your choice of sink also depends on the size of the room. On small spaces, corner models or recessed options are appropriate.

Toilets: what to look out for

If you have a water meter at home, give preference to a model with a half-flush in order to save money. To ensure that the water flows all around the edge of the toilet, it is better to buy a product with a circular drain. Another very important nuance: Consider when buying a toilet at what angle is the sewer pipe. There are options at an angle and straight. So, choose the toilet bowl under the parameters that you have at home. Otherwise, there will be time-consuming work on the fitting of pipes.

How to choose a bathtub or shower tray

Cast iron, steel, or acrylic? What is better to choose sanitary ware?

Cast iron. An old, proven material, but very heavy. Its advantage over others is that it keeps heat for a long time. Therefore, you can wash in such a bath for a long time and leisurely. If it is hit by heavy objects, chipping can occur.

Steel. It is considered a lighter and cheaper material. If too thin steel was used when making the product, the walls may sag. It heats up quickly and cools down just as quickly. So for a long time, you can not soak in such a bath.

Acrylic. A wonderful modern material. It is distinguished by its lightness and excellent characteristics. Long retains heat but is not resistant to scratches. Therefore, special cleaning agents are required for care.


Usually on quality sanitary ware manufacturers give a quality guarantee. When buying any products, find out whether they have a warranty, and most importantly, do not forget to make it in the store. An important factor when choosing to plumb – its manufacturer, so often asked the question, what company plumbing is better to choose. If you find it difficult to decide, focus on the world leaders in the industry.

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