How Room Temperature Can Affect Your Sleep
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Understanding How Room Temperature Can Affect Your Sleep

by Eric

Sleep is a crucial part of your life, and you need to have enough REM sleep every night to function properly during the day. Before, not many people appreciated the value of sleep, not anymore, though. You need to understand sleep patterns fully, and room temperatures can affect them. If you want to sleep better, you need to understand your own sleep patterns and how they impact your mood in the mornings and your performance in the afternoons. We all have different sleep patterns, and you need to understand yours.

Sleep Patterns

All humans have sleep patterns – each person has a different one. Sleep patterns are repeated every 24-hours, which is a cycle everyone follows. These patterns can have a significant impact on your schedule and daily routine. Sleep patterns work the same for everyone – for example, when you sleep at nine and wake up at 5, this will be your cycle. Even without forcing it, with consistency, you will become sleepy at almost the same time every night. This is your sleep cycle, and it’s one of the most challenging things you can try to change. Read more about Tips To avoid Your Water Pipes Freezing This Winter.

How Temperatures can Affect Sleep Patterns

When you are asleep, your body temperature changes drastically too. Your body won’t have the same temperature when you are awake as it does when you are asleep. So when you are sleeping, your body temperature decreases. This means that when the room’s temperature is high, you’ll find it hard to fall asleep. So even if you are sleeping, you won’t get to that deep sleep your body ideally craves for. Your (Tcore) core body temperature also has its cycle -the same as your wake and sleep time. For example, if you sleep at nine and wake up at 5, around 5, even before you get up, the (Tcore) increases. And it will also decrease as you approach your sleep time.

It is partially how your body senses it’s time to go to sleep. To keep room temperatures perfect you should consider things like storm-proof windows, airflow, proper bedding, and room temperature. Room temperature is such a significant factor, that it should be the first thing you should consider when trying to dial in the right temperature for your room.

You should invest in a thermometer for the room, separate from the one connected to your heater. The temperature of your room will most likely be different from that of your thermostat, especially if the room is located on the opposite side of the home. Find a temperature that works for you and make sure your furnace is maintaining it in the evenings. If there are inconsistencies with the temperature, you need to call and have your heater serviced by a professional so that temperatures remain consistent enough for you to adequately measure your sleep patterns.

Bed Temperature

Your bed temperature is another thing that comes to the fore regarding your sleep patterns. When the bed climate is set upright, you will easily get to sleep at the right time. Remember, your body temperature decreases when you’re asleep, so you are likely to sleep easily if the bed temperature is low. When you’re deep in sleep, the bed climate should be around 32°C to around 60°C. This is the average humidity when you obtain sleep – regardless of when you sleep. A comfortable bed is enough, but having the proper humidity for the bed is equally important.

Sleep Stages

Different sleep stages should be observed when it comes to temperatures too. When in REM sleep, when you’re deep in sleep, the thermoregulation doesn’t come into play. The body isn’t that sensitive to temperatures here, regardless of the changes. But when the temperatures are too low or too hot, the body will feel it – thermoregulation isn’t fully depressed at this stage.

Sleep Is Crucial

Sleep is crucial to your everyday life, and knowing a few things about it can help you enjoy a better night’s sleep. The information above just scratches the surface on this, and you should research the idea further if you are having trouble sleeping, especially if the room temperature is a problem.

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