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How can you decorate your space with dried flowers?

by REX

Flowers have always been one of the most popular and also one of the simplest ways of decorating any space. They are, by their very nature, excellent at making your home look classy, elegant, and full of color. Needless to say, such an ambiance will naturally feel cheerful and welcoming for both residents and visitors alike.

Nowadays, dried flowers are increasingly becoming the preferred choice for home decoration. It is no surprise that a large number of people tend to purchase high-end furniture, decor, fixtures, and accessories to decorate their homes. However, the popularity of dried flowers as home decoration items is steadily catching on today.

It has been a practice since time immemorial to decorate living spaces with flowers as they are not only aesthetically very pleasing but are often fragrant too. The good news is, that dried flowers are a cost-effective and durable alternative to real flowers. They are also very easy to place in certain locations around your home, adding a generous touch of color and vibrance. Did you also know that using dried flowers is also sustainable as they are biodegradable and, therefore, completely environmentally friendly?

Framed dried flowers:

You can put dried and pressed flowers inside a frame and this can become a wonderful decoration you can display in and around your home. This is not a decoration idea that a lot of people think about, so the novelty element in this item of decor makes it all the more appealing. You can arrange them in any way you like, and they can even have sentimental value. Dried flowers in frames are an economical and impressive home decor idea that you should consider!


Potpourri, which is also spelled ‘potpourri’, is an aromatic mixture of parts of dried flowers and dried plants with spices, fruit peels, and fragrant oils. Potpourri is a mixture that is not only visually appealing but they provides a pleasant aroma throughout the home. It is a colorful mix as it is made with an assortment of flower and plant parts, and is usually placed in clear bowls or containers and even laid out alongside candles.

Dried flowers in vases:

Having flowers in vases is a timeless classic when it comes to decorations. They are also one of the most popular ways of displaying flowers at home. You can use several of the same type or an assortment of dried flowers to decorate practically any location in your home, with the flexibility of being as minimalistic or as elaborate as you like. There is practically no limit to how creative you can be with dried flowers!

Dried flower bouquets:

Though often overlooked in terms of their glamor quotient, there is no doubt that flower bouquets have stood the test of time. Bouquets are simple and elegant, and they are among the easiest ways of giving a splash of floral color to your home. Bouquets too, just like vases, can be placed just about anywhere and have the capability of turning even the dullest corner into the highlight of the room.

Dried flower decorations on shelves:

Floral decorations are sure to liven up any shelf. You can place vases and other decorations with dried flowers to make your shelves look sophisticated and attractive. Using transparent glass vases, or opaque vases that are in sync with your home decor, will make your whole shelf very eye-catching and delightful to look at. This design option also gives you ample opportunities to experiment with various designs.

So what dried flowers and plants can you choose from?

Pampas grass

Pampas grass is an aesthetically pleasing tall and fluffy grass with flowering stems that can grow up to six meters in height. This grass is recognizable by its creamy white foliage, although it is also often seen in pink as well. Pampas grass is excellent for home decor as it adds a touch of sophistication.

Dried palm leaves

Palm trees are most popularly associated with tropical countries, warm weather, and sunny days. You can use dried palm leaves to accentuate any part of a room. Since palm leaves tend to be fairly large, you can use them to make a style statement in a room with minimalist decor.

Cotton flower stems

Cotton flower stems are a favourite on Instagram home decor pages. Ever so versatile, cotton flower stems live up to the statement a little goes a long way. Just a few cotton flower stems in a vase can create spectacular decorations for your home or your office.

Dried wheat bundles

Dried wheat bundles are very appropriate for giving your living space a classic rustic and organic look, creating the perfect rural vibe. Given that wheat is grown widely in countries around the world, dried wheat bundles are inexpensive and very easy to procure.

Dried branches

Perfect for a minimalist ambiance, you can put dried branches into a vase or even a basket for a simple yet appealingly attractive display.

Dried eucalyptus leaves and stems

Eucalyptus plants have always been popular because of their visually pleasing appearance and characteristically fragrant scent. Eucalyptus leaves and stems are highly favoured by minimalist designers as just one stem is enough to liven up a room. You can go for more elaborate designs involving eucalyptus stems and leaves as well!


Regardless of whether you are moving into a new home or you wish to decorate your existing home or certain spaces within your home, you have a variety of dried flower design ideas to choose from. Global Dried Flowers is a leading manufacturer and specialist in dried flower export from India. Dried flowers come in a variety of colors and shapes, and they have the natural advantage of being throughout the year. Unlike fresh flowers, they can withstand hot summers and cold winters and there is virtually no end to the variety of designs you can create with them!

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