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How to Do a True People Search for Old Friends

by REX

As life happens, we lose touch with old friends, make new friends and start new chapters. However, as time goes on, a story or a memory may remind us of those old friends and make us want to find them. If you’re looking to contact old friends, you can start with social media sites like Facebook or Instagram. Social media, however, doesn’t always yield results. Others might try search engines like Google to find old friends. While search engines can return a lot of good information, they aren’t beneficial for finding details on the average person. If you’re looking to find someone, you can try searching online databases.

If you’re serious about finding information on an old friend, you can try doing a true people search from GoLookUp. The people database relies on information from thousands of public records to find people. The people search site isn’t created. Instead, it’s compiled from records of personal information. A GoLookUp true people search can return data from a people search, reverse phone lookup, or address lookup. With just a name, phone number, or address, you can see information such as a past address, phone number, relatives, and email address. Let’s take a look at how you can do a true people search for old friends.

First and Last Name

Perhaps one of the easiest ways to do a true people search is to enter the full name of the person you are trying to locate. It will be essential to enter the first and last name of the person, as the results will be inconclusive without a full name. The people search tool matches the first and last name of the person that you entered against information from white pages, property records, and other available data in the millions of public records. Once you have completed a search, you’ll see a list of the people in the database with that name. Clicking on a name will reveal other details, including family members, that will help you narrow down the list.

Reverse Phone Number

If you have the person’s phone number, you can enter that into the people’s search site. This is called a reverse phone search, and it’s also beneficial for uncovering unknown numbers and mystery callers. Like a people search, the phone number will be compared with millions of records. This search will be helpful if you want to find an address. Additionally, if you know the number of your friend’s relative, you can enter that into the search. You can then click on the returned names and look through the list of family members. This could give you a backdoor option for locating your friend.


If you have an address to enter, you can use that to return search results in your quest to find old friends. Like other search terms, the address will return results that show you the associated people. The information will be used to search property records and additional personal information to display the owners, renters, and others with that address. Even if your friend no longer lives there, the search site can show all people who are or have been associated with the address.

There are more than 328 million people in the United States, and trying to find an old friend or a long-lost relative can be like looking for a needle in a haystack in some instances. With the millions of public records and personal information available, there can be too much information to sort through. If social networks and search engines don’t prove to be very helpful, a true people search with GoLookUp can be your answer. With a full name, address, or phone number, you can gain access to contact information and personal info to help you locate old friends in no time.

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