Genetic Disposition of Premature Ejaculation
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Understanding the Genetic Disposition of Premature Ejaculation

by Eric

Premature ejaculation is the term used to describe the phenomena that arises when ejaculation occurs during sexual activity earlier than a man or his partner would prefer. It is regarded as the most prevalent sexual disorder among men. The therapy of patients with premature ejaculation is described in this exercise, which also emphasises the importance of the interprofessional team. Heredity is an important factor in understanding human behavior and tendency. The basis of human genetics is based on two components DNA and RNA. The genetic codes of human beings are used to unravel multiples of mysteries of the human lifecycle and ailments. One of the primary diseases that are intricately associated with genetics is cancer. Besides cancer, many other diseases can be deciphered by genetics, such as Premature Ejaculation or PE.

Treating PE effectively:

While the genetic mysteries of PE are yet to be solved, the treatment for PE remains quite effective with a lot of medicines online, such as the ones you get at The medicines must be taken only after taking ample suggestions from a registered medical practitioner or a doctor. Besides, one should be also aware of the side effects of the medicines before having them.

Apart from tables and medications, several therapies are also done by psychiatrists to treat those individuals with PE who do not have any direct cause such as physiological issues and often need psychological help. Sometimes individuals also undergo self-treatment like keeping the thought of intercourse away to get help with their PE issues.

How genetics are involved with PE:

If we look at the animal kingdom, sex is an essential part of the lifecycle. It is because this activity ensures that the animal species are reproducing their kind and hence continue to keep the species alive and prevent them from subsequent extinction. Human beings are no different. However, one major difference is that human beings along with certain mammals like dolphins have sex for pleasure as well apart from the activity of procreation. Read more about Chesterfield county health department.

If we look into the evolution, it is observed that male mammals tend to ejaculate quickly. This was done to prevent the animals from running into predators or other danger and performing the act of procreation quickly and effectively. The piece of information has been passed into the human genetic code as well. Therefore, some biologists are of opinion that for some male individuals, where such genes are more prevalent, the issue of premature ejaculation is often manifested.

Utilizing the knowledge of genetics for PE:

The main factor in determining the situation of PE is the Intravaginal Ejaculation Latency Time or commonly known as IELT. IELT is defined as the time a man needs for ejaculation when he penetrates a vagina. When the IELT typically falls within a range of fewer than 15 seconds to about a minute, the subject might be diagnosed with PE, if the condition persists over six months.

The area of the brain that essentially controls the mechanism of ejaculation is known by the name of nucleus paragigantocellularis. This area controls ejaculation by controlling the movement of pelvic muscles. When the motor senses of the pelvic muscles are more sensitive, PE is often manifested in such situations. Scientists have assumed that Genetic makeup is responsible for the higher sensitivity of the pelvic muscles, even though studies seem to be inconclusive. The typical diagnostic standards for a patient with premature ejaculation should be identified.
Describe the epidemiology of early ejaculation in brief.
Review the therapy options for patients who ejaculate too early.
Describe the value of interprofessional team members working together and communicating with one another to enhance patient outcomes who have premature ejaculation.



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