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Top 11 Ways to Immediately Fix a Beaten Down Fire TV Stick

by Eric

As much as you would like to own a perpetually fast streaming device, hardly can an electronic device evade the wrath of eventuality. In the case of a Fire TV Stick, slowness isn’t the only issue to take into account. Instead, much like any streaming device that starts acting up in time, even a Firestick experiences several problems, with the most obvious ones being longish buffering, frequent lags, low frame rates, questionable video quality despite a fast internet connection, audio that’s out of sync, and frequent app crashes.

Despite an aging Firestick running into these issues, either due to a hardware glitch or overheating, it is still redeemable. But then, if you don’t know what Firestick is and how it functions, only to slow down with age, it is important to understand more about this streaming device of repute before reading any further.

How to Fix a Firestick that isn’t in the Best Shape?

Now that we are aware of the problems, here are the solutions to get the device running back to its usual state:

  • Use the Right Power Source

While it is understandable that you might want to use an adapter that is accessible enough, I would still recommend using the bundled charging cable.

  • Simple Restart

There aren’t many issues that a simple restart cannot solve. If your Firestick has been active for a long, giving it a quick breather can really help.

  • Uninstall without a Care

While you shouldn’t wipe the slate clean, it is advisable to get rid of the unused applications and unnecessary add-ons to free off a chunk of system memory and make the Firestick faster than usual.

  • Force Stop

It might not be easy to uninstall applications that come pre-loaded. In that case, you can always resort to the Force Stop functionality to ensure that the apps do not cause issues and slowdowns.

  • Clear Cache or Data, as preferred

Cache memory keeps accumulating in the relevant reserves to speed up app access, in time. However, if the app starts crashing often or returning slower frame rates, it is advisable to clear out the cache memory and the settings that are stored along with the same. Clearing data can be a better approach in this regard but it requires you to log into the app with credentials as if you are starting from scratch.

  • Disable Certain Features

Firestick, despite being handy, isn’t the cleanest streamer around. However, its share of Bloatware can quickly become an issue if you do not disable the unused features and applications, moving forward. Although the device itself is rife with features like guest connections, prime photos, and more, you can handpick the attributes you need to disable for experience speed and consistency.

  • Disable Data Monitoring

If you are on an unmetered connection, it is better to disable data monitoring as a pre-existing feature, as keeping track of internet usage does put a lot of pressure on the Firestick’s hardware. Read the amazing guide for Strike first strike hard no mercy.

  • Switch-Off Notifications

The Firestick, like any other streaming device, sends out app notifications. While this might be about a new launch or an important update, disabling it in the first place makes sense as it helps preserve the processing firepower significantly.

  • Opt for Factory Reset

If nothing seems to work, you can always reset the streamer to its usual state. While you might have to reinstall several applications that are inadvertently deleted in the process, the speed gains are often worth the effort.

  • Use a VPN

A slow connection can be a reason for the lags and interruptions experienced by the Firestick. In case it is the ISP throttling your internet speeds, a VPN can help by keeping your usage patterns hidden.

  • Optimize Apps

Certain apps like Kodi, Netflix, Nitro TV, and more need to be side-loaded onto the Firestick. As they aren’t available on the Amazon app store, frequent optimization is necessary to help them detect the best configuration, depending on the preferences and requirements.

Each of the mentioned strategies can help you reinstate a beaten-down Fire TV Stick to its original and functional state. However, in addition to these ideas, you should ensure that the device doesn’t overheat, as it might then lead to lags and excessive buffering.

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