Enlist Major Health Consequences of Climate Change upon Human Beings
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Enlist Major Health Consequences of Climate Change upon Human Beings

by Eric

There is no skepticism in penning down that climatic changes are evident and result in disastrous consequences. Climate change is destructive for nature and living things, including animals, plants, and humans. The extent of harm may vary from person to person and from country to country, but climate change has hazardous consequences.

To know more about some of the primary consequences of climate change, read the article to the end. Not all but some of the significant consequences are listed in the article!

1. Rapid Growth of Respiratory Diseases

One of the health consequences of climate change is that more people are becoming victims of respiratory disorders like asthma, difficulty breathing, discomfort in the wind-pipe, and many more. Waves of emissions contaminate the air; they develop breathing-related ailments when people breathe in contaminated air.

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2. Increased Mortality Due to Extreme Weather Conditions

Most of the countries in the world lack basic health facilities and other significant facilities for dealing with natural disasters. The rate of infant mortality is high in poor countries, and one of the causes of infant mortality is drastic weather changes.

3. Children Dying Due to More Likelihood of Dehydration and Heat Stress

Children and young animals are most affected by climate change because they are too delicate to cope with environmental changes like heat strokes, freezing temperature, etc. Additionally, children are more vulnerable to the harms of polluted air and dehydration.  Read more about Quest diagnostic locations.

Dehydration can lead to the death of brain cells and other body cells essential for body functioning. Chicks lack much insulating hair, due to which they can not resist extreme cold weather and may die.

4. Pregnant Women are More Vulnerable to Heat Strokes

A woman’s body undergoes hormonal fluctuations during pregnancy, and for that matter, pregnant women are more vulnerable to the attack of germs and any drastic temperature changes. Heat strokes can have harmful impacts on the health of pregnant ladies. Such women are more prone to breathing problems due to smoke and harmful rays coming out of devices like Android phones, LCD TV screens, and factories.

5. Aged People are More Vulnerable to Suffer from Cardiovascular Diseases as a Result of Climate Change

Like children, aged people have less immunity to fight the diseases and changes occurring in the outer environment. Such people need a constant dose of water; otherwise, they suffer from dehydration, and breathing in polluted air can cause asthma, breathing difficulty, and irritation in air passageways. Every organ needs oxygen, and when sufficient oxygen is not available, it can result in ailments. Cardiovascular diseases are more common when the body is not getting sufficient oxygen.

Final Statement

Aged individuals and newborn babies are more vulnerable to suffering from extreme weather conditions. It is because their immune system is weak compared to the immune system of young adults.

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