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Common Plumbing Issues and Solutions

by Eric

Plumbing issues are the most prevalent problems in every household. One has to be capable of resolving minor issues. Newtown has some of the best plumbing systems and quick solutions provided by trained plumbers. A place like this that encounters plumbing problems quite often requires trained professionals to solve them. Plumbers in Newtown are equipped with the best tools and knowledge about the issues to suggest changes and repairs whenever necessary. Here are some minor problems that one can solve at home.


One can notice a lot of leaks or dripping faucets commonly around the house. This problem needs a quick resolution to save water and prevent it from dripping. To start, cover the leaking area with a cloth tied around the faucet or the leaking area to reduce a forced flow. Further, calmly check around the affected area to notice any reasons for the leak.

A dripping faucet can be due to corrosion and breakage in the old faucets. Corrosion makes pipes and tubes brittle in very little time. Check for pipe or joint damage, cracks, or worn-out O-rings. These reasons cause the bursting of water through a joint if the water pressure is aggressive. One can lower the pressure if required. Persistent problems need professional help. Plumbers in Newtown face such issues daily. They are knowledgeable enough to provide solutions better than the replacement of items and excessive maintenance. Read more about  5 Simple Ways to Give Your Bathroom an Amazing Look


Clogging takes place when a few items collect or get stuck in the drains or piper in the house. It can cause back flushes and also bursts if the tension gets too high. One can notice clogs early if the water pressure is low or gradually decreasing over time. These issues need to be quickly addressed to avoid disasters.

Clean the drains regularly to avoid a buildup of items within them. Pass hot water down the drain to soften items and remove the sticky material from the sides. After this, pass baking soda followed by vinegar. This mixture can cause a reaction that is enough to remove every item that causes the clog and clear it for a clean water supply. Be sure to call a plumber if the problem seems to persist. A clog not restricted to one home can result in a hazardous situation that is difficult to deal with later on.


Most individuals face water heating issues. This situation has many causes that affect it and enlarge the problem if left untouched. Most heaters have problems due to the heating element present inside them. They can either be faulty or overused, which needs a change by a professional electrician.

A plumber can fix any water problems these faults may cause. They can solve problems where the heated water does not reach the faucets correctly or need replacement. They can even fix the connection properly if installed incorrectly. Sometimes, the hot and cold water are supplied incorrectly or not if the pipes are of the wrong sizes. Plumbers can find fitting sizes and install them proportionately.

There are many other problems that one faces regarding plumbing within the house. One has to keep the plumbing in check by consulting plumbers regularly for their services. Practice regular maintenance to keep the drains and pipes clear and replace the old equipment whenever necessary. Corrosion is the reason for most issues since a cheap material can destroy an amazing plumbing system.

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