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How Can Combining CBD and CBG Boost Your Health?

by Eric

The world of cannabis is complicated in itself. That’s because there are so many compounds and extracts to choose from Companies like CBD FX have several cannabis-related products on offer, and the top among them are CBD and CBG. While the two products are sold separately, you can mix them for far greater results. More specifically, they’re known to cause the “Entourage effect.” In this article, learn how combining CBD and CBG can boost your health.

Are CBG and CBD any Different?

Most people new to cannabis won’t know the difference between CBG and CBD. But they’re different cannabinoids found within the cannabis plant. CBG is cannabigerol which was first isolated in 1964. It is called the mother of cannabinoids because the acidic form of CBG, which is CBGA, is the precursor for most other cannabinoids. When the hemp grows, CBGA turns into three acids: CBDA, CBCA, and THCA. CBGA also turns into CBG through decarboxylation.


On the other hand, CBD is known as cannabidiol and is perhaps the most prevalent cannabinoid. Because of many of the proven benefits, it is widely used in the cannabis community. CBD acts directly on the ECS, which is the network of neurotransmitters. The compound binds to both the CB1 and CB2 receptors to produce the desired effects. Despite being similar in many ways, CBD and CBG are also different. There are molecular and pharmacological differences that exist between them.

Many cannabis users use CBD with other compounds for varying reasons. Likewise, you can combine CBD with CBG and enjoy the added benefits. In the subsequent sections, learn about some of those benefits.

Combining CBD and CBG Produces Entourage Effect:

Medical research shows that taking one cannabinoid extract has positive benefits on our bodies and moods. But research also suggests that taking multiple cannabinoids has added benefits. And this phenomenon is known as the “Entourage Effect.”

When you take CBD along with CBG, they balance each other out. While CBG acts on the receptors, CBD enhances the production of endocannabinoids, the cannabinoids produced by the body. Both of these happen simultaneously. CBG often induces drowsiness. And CBD, on the other hand, produces an energizing effect. So together, you’ll feel balanced after taking your cannabinoid dose. CBD acts on your physical distress, while CBG acts on mental anguish. Together, you’ll enjoy the full benefits of both.

Additional Therapeutic Benefits:

When you take CBD and CBG together, you can enjoy the therapeutic benefits of both. Here are some of the therapeutic benefits you may expect:

  • Pain relief

Most cannabinoid products offer relief from pain and body ache. So if you undergo and suffer from chronic pain, you can expect far better results by using CBD with CBG. The entourage effect of the two will also provide mental pain relief.

  • Bacterial infection prevention

Both CBD and CBG have bacteria-fighting properties. They even outperform other cannabinoids like THC and MRSA. So the CBD-CBG mixture will prevent any bacteria from infesting your body.

  • Prevents spasms

CBG is known to be antispasmodic. People often use it to treat their spasm or convulsion episodes. When used along with CBD, which also has considerable anti-spasm properties, you can treat seizures.

  • Alleviates mood and reduces depression

CBG acts on the neurotransmitters directly. So it can direct your body to reduce the absorption of serotonin. This chemical affects your mood. CBD, on the other hand, can boost anandamide levels in the brain. When there’s low anandamide in your body, you feel depressed. So the CBD-CBG combination can alleviate your mood and reduce depression.

  • Fights cancer

Both CBG and CBG, along with other cannabinoids, are anti-carcinogenic. So they can inhibit abnormal cell growth and multiplication, thus preventing cancer at a large scale.

When looking for CBD or CBG products, you should shop at reputed vendors. Always shop from registered and regulated companies like CBD FX to get genuine products.

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