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Guide for choosing a Bike Flashlight | Olight Store

by Eric

(A quick guide to choosing the best bike flashlight for you with the highlighted key aspects)

Technology has reached every single appliance we use in daily life and has become the first choice over the old gadgets. In the same way, if you are a rider and using an old flashlight, maybe it’s possible that you are looking for a better alternative with the latest technology-built gears at a good price.

If you are a rider who rides daily for commuting or with your gang, then a flashlight can be the life-saver for you in very critical situations faced in the dark as well as during the day. The major difficulty for a rider is to see or to be seen while in traffic or smoke.

The task of choosing the best bike flashlight can be really daunting to you if you have a number of options available for different purposes. This guide will help you to make your hunt simple by highlighting few aspects-

Measure the perfect brightness

Choosing the perfect lumen will make your ride safe turning you and your trail visible.

200-300 lumens for a post-sunset ride

300-400 lumen for lit streets

500-1000 lumens for mountain rides

1000+ lumens for the dark pitched night rides

100-200 lumens are perfect for a tail light that will make you seen from a long distance.

Olight store has RN 3500, RN 400, RN 1500, and many more bike/bicycle flashlights in the store with Perun 2 headlamps covering the long distance.

Lenses and reflectors

Only high brightness can often cause difficulties if the lenses are not well equipped.

Olight flashlights are built with anti-glare, optical lenses that make the light spread evenly with max throw for coming traffic without making them blind.

Battery backup

The long rechargeable batteries have taken over the old use and throw batteries with many additional benefits like long-running backup and quick charging system involved.

Olight ALLTY 2000 MTB bike light has a long 7000 mAh removable battery that can keep running for up to 14.5 hours with the support of convenient fast charging, which saves your time.

Smart Mount

A smart mount lock strap will save you from many hassles like slipping and shaking while riding over the rough trail.

Olight store has brought RN 1500 LED bike front flashlight with the strong Gallen mount that can be attached to three sized handlebars and helmets with non-slippery mount security lock.


Olight compact flashlights come up with the extra light strong sharply carved built material with the thermal management system. All the bike/ bicycle flashlights, tail lights, bike wheel lights are proven water-resistant, 1-meter drop tested, and shock-resistant that makes the flashlights durable and gives long life to the flashlights.

Olight store has all types of riding gear that will fit all kinds of riders and commuting. Visit the online store for the latest offers and warranty available on the technology engraved flashlights at the best price.


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