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Cinderella and the Four Knights Series

by Eric

The Cinderella with Four Knights series is about Eun Ha Won. She is an academically bright girl whose dream is to become a teacher. Unfortunately, her mother dies, and the father marries another woman. Her stepmother treats her badly and she loses her connection with her father. Even the step-sister hates her, which leaves her unattached from her family. Despite the hard life, Ha Won maintains her good character and works hard to pay her college tuition after the cruel stepmother steals her college fund. One of the jobs is the delivery tasks she is seen doing in the series trailer.

The Four Knights:

In the series, you get to see Ha’s terrible life and how she meets the four knights. In the Cinderella and Four Knights trailer, you can get a glimpse of how society treats her. She delivers pizza, and a woman can be heard telling her son not to associate himself with her. Besides that, a man’s voice tells the woman to teach her son his worth.

The four knights are three cousins Seo Woo, Hyun Min, Ji Woon, and Yoon Sung, their guard; all living with their grandfather’s in a mansion known as Sky House. The three young men have wild but different personalities. They also don’t like each other and want to be far from each other. Ji Woon is the toughest among them and the middle one among the three cousins. Initially, he lived a bad life because he is an orphan with no home, but his life was transformed overnight. Externally, he looks tough but is soft-hearted, sensitive, and quite lonely. Read more about  Summer Heights High; Summary and Quotes.

Hyun Min is the oldest among the three cousins and he likes girls a lot. He knows how to get anything he wants using sweet words. Hyun believes no woman can resist his charm. He even pretends to be Ha Won’s fiancee. But he has feelings for his old friend, Hye-Ji, and struggles to pretend not to have any feelings for her. Eventually, he realizes Ha is not for him and apologizes to Hye-Ji. Besides, his mother tries to come back to his life after abandoning him when he was little, and their relationship is extremely troubled.

Seo Woo spends time working on his music. He is the youngest but friendly and quite playful. He also has feelings for Ha Won but eventually gives up and is likely to settle for Ja-Yeon.

Yoon Sung is the bodyguard of the three cousins along with Ha Won. He welcomes Ha into the new environment in Sky House and helps to settle. He votes to prevent the removal of chairman Kang, which is against the 5th wife of chairman Kang, who is also Yoon-Sung’s mother.

The drama starts unfolding when their grandfather decides to marry wife number five. You can check out the Cinderella and Four Knights trailer. The grandfather wants the grandsons to attend. Hyun refuses to go but does so with Ha Won in tow. She is hired to act as his date for three hours because Hyun wants to outdo his grandfather. He does not succeed, but his grandfather notices the girl’s attitude towards Hyun. He decides to make her the butler and Sky House drill sergeant.

The whole story is not different from what the title suggests. But it has some exciting twists that will leave you thrilled. The trailer is just the tip of the iceberg; watch the series to see what lies under the water.

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