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by Eric

You’ve uttered your vows, exchanged rings, and enjoyed time with loved ones. Isn’t this all over and done with? That’s not quite right! To complete your post-wedding checklist, if you intend on changing your last name (which is completely up to you) there are a few things required to accomplish that. TheLawAdvisory discusses below the procedures to change your name upon marriage.

Changing your last name after marriage: Should you?

Many women ponder about this before they exchange vows. For your convenience, we’ve listed the benefits and drawbacks of changing the last name after marriage. However, bear in mind that all options have their advantages and disadvantages, and ultimately, it’s up to you whether or not you want to alter your name after marriage.

What is the time frame to have your name changed after marriage?

Before getting married, many women worry whether there is a time restriction on how long they may keep their married name. Because, as we’re about to inform you, there isn’t! You have the option of delaying the change of your name for as long as you wish, or even not doing it at all!

Does your name change automatically as you get married?

In the United States, the law is quite clear on this point. Your name does not immediately change when you get married. After marriage, a woman is not obligated to adopt her husband’s surname. In reality, any party may choose to hyphenate or alter their last name. The decision is yours! 

How to have your name changed after marriage?

Changing your name after the “I Dos” is a lengthy procedure, which includes long lineups at Social Security offices and DMV, as well as the step-by-step process. However, don’t worry! When it comes to changing your name after marriage, there are a few things you need to know before you get started.

Get Your Marriage Certificate

The original or certified copy of your marriage license is required before you can start the process of changing your name. As an alternative, you may receive a copy of your driver’s license from the county clerk’s office where your application was submitted. For a seamless and fast transition when replacing all your official papers, keep this handy.

Change Your Social Security Card

After getting married, the first thing you need to do is get a new Social Security card. Because your card will just have your new last name on it, your current phone number will remain the same. You may apply for a fresh social security card by filling out this form. Then, go to the  Social Security Administration office in your locality and submit the application there. The replacement card should arrive in 10 business days. A new Social Security card may be obtained by providing the documentation listed on this page.

Change Your License at the DMV

Bring as many forms of identification as you can with you when you go to the DMV. Your passport, marriage certificate, previous driver’s license, proof of residence, and your fresh Social Security card are all included in this package of paperwork. Preparing ahead of time to avoid long waits at the DMV is essential.

Change the Name on Your Credit Cards and Bank Accounts

Changing your name at your bank couldn’t be easier. Bring your driver’s license and marriage certificate with you when you visit a branch. If they don’t, ask for fresh checks, debit/credit cards, and your bank account to be renamed with your new name.

Change Your Name on Your Travel Documents and Passport

Wait till after the honeymoon before changing your name, even if you’re eager to. Your passport is the most vital travel document, so be sure your new name matches it. As long as you got your passport less than a year ago, you may make a “correction” without incurring any additional costs. On the other hand, the cost of a new passport book and a renewal for those who have held their present passport for one year or more is $110.

Applicants seeking passport modifications must submit their requests by mail. For your convenience, the Department of State has created an online tool that will guide you through the process of updating your contact information.

Provide Your Employer the New Name and Banking Information

Choosing a professional name might be a difficult decision. While it’s not required, if you decide to go by a new name after your marriage you should notify your coworkers, customers, and suppliers through email following your honeymoon. Your new last name may need an email address change at your workplace. Read more about the Personal injury lawyer near me.


The remainder of the process of changing your name should be straightforward after you have your new Social Security card and driver’s license in hand. For certain modifications, you merely need to make a phone call, while others may need you to provide documentation such as your marriage certificate or an updated Social Security card. This includes updating your insurance and electricity providers and social media accounts.

Hopefully, this guide from The Law Advisory on how to change your name after the marriage has alleviated some of your post-wedding anxieties.

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