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Casual Outerwear in Modern Fashion

by REX

With streetwear trends leaning more towards casual outerwear, consumers and fashion enthusiasts have become more particularly interested in outdoor gear and apparel. Young people are also embracing a more active lifestyle which is why companies are now tasked to strike a balance between both fashion and functionality within their collections.

Whether you’re considering going on a rough mountain excursion or simply planning a night out with friends, it’s reassuring to know that the outerwear you’re wearing was made for heavy-duty purposes. Today’s high-tech jackets are considered an essential part of everyone’s casual outerwear and finding the right one is essential to keep up with different activities whether indoor or outdoor.

Casual Outerwear and Technology

Most of today’s casual outerwear utilizes high-tech textiles that are made to be durable with technical structuring methods to perform different specific functions. Outdoor gear and apparel companies nowadays are prioritizing performance and durability which is why they heavily incorporate advanced textile technology within their products.

With people appreciating the functionality of these high-end materials, companies are doing their best to keep up with demands for better and more fashionable collections. Today, casual outerwear has even penetrated the different subgenres of streetwear and people are lining up for different collaborations between many renowned brands.

Casual outerwear has even become synonymous with luxury clothing and fashion runways are continuously featuring outerwear with more sophisticated designs. In this article, we’re going to explain some of the most popular types of casual outerwear today and how they can be beneficial for both fashion and outdoor enthusiasts.

Modern Parkas

A parka is a type of jacket usually made with a hood and lined with real or synthetic fur. It originated from a type of jacket worn by the Inuits when navigating through the icy terrains of the arctic. Though modern parkas are far from their original designs in the past, they have remained true to their roots as a form of survival gear. Parkas today have adapted together with modern casual outerwear and are now available in different designs and colorways.

Hardshell and Softshell Jackets

Hardshell jackets are designed to be waterproof so they can be worn as an outer layer. They can keep the rain out without any kind of moisture. This modern casual outerwear typically comes in many designs and some even have multiple zippers for proper ventilation. Softshell jackets, on the other hand, are more flexible and softer than their hardshell counterparts. Though they do not provide the same protection against rain, they do, however, protect you from the wind.

Insulated Jackets

These types of modern casual wear have come a long way from the past. With technological innovations, insulated jackets can now be filled with either down, synthetic insulation, or a combination of both. They are the most efficient choice when it comes to extremely low temperatures and is excellent for maintaining body heat.

Fleece Jackets

Fleece jackets are one of the most popular types of casual outerwear in today’s fashion. They are made with insulating properties that can absorb your body heat to keep yourself warm especially in outdoor environments. They are also considered as an ideal choice of mid-layer for both hard and softshell jackets.

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