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Car Lease Maintenance: Everything You Need to Know

by Eric

People opt for leasing cars rather than buying them to escape the responsibilities that owning a car attracts. From carrying out repairs and maintenance, to eventually looking for a buyer at the end of the vehicle’s life cycle, there’s a lot to take care of. This is why it may surprise you that car leases also require maintenance. Since you don’t own a leased car, should maintaining it be your responsibility?

Who Maintains a Lease Car?

You will need to maintain your lease car, including servicing the vehicle regularly. High-mileage leases require even more frequent servicing because of the miles you put on the vehicle.

Your lease agreement should cover how often you take the car for servicing and the kind of maintenance the vehicle needs. Repairs on lease cars are carried out at approved centres as stated in the contract. You must stick to these authorised dealerships because the vehicle will undergo inspection at the end of the lease.

Check your documents for an approved centre when the car needs maintenance or repairs. New vehicles come with warranties and often attract lower repair costs throughout the contract period.

If the broker finds out you haven’t abided by all the contract terms regarding repairs, you will leave yourself open to charges. This is why it is important to document all kinds of repairs and maintenance so you do not receive extra return charges at the end of the contract.

Can I Maintain a Lease Car At Home?

You can carry out basic car maintenance at home to save costs. Here is some routine maintenance you can perform at home:

  • Change or top-up engine oil level/windscreen washer when necessary
  • Ensure coolant and radiator are at optimal levels
  • Inspect vehicle lights frequently to be sure they are in good condition
  • Check windscreens for cracks
  • Check tyre pressure and inflate them if necessary

You can do these simple things at home without contacting the manufacturer or your leasing company. Your maintenance package should cover more intensive servicing procedures.

What is a Maintenance Package?

Whether you lease a business or a private car, you can choose a maintenance package. Leasing or finance companies offer these packages so lessees can enjoy the vehicles without worrying about repair and maintenance costs.

The cost of the package is included in your monthly payments and takes care of the vehicle’s maintenance, which sometimes includes MOT.

How Much Does a Car Lease Maintenance Package Cost?

The price of your maintenance package depends on various factors like the vehicle’s model, lease duration, and annual mileage limit. Brokers like lease loco offer customers several options.

Vehicles with high mileage often require more expensive maintenance since the car will experience more wear and tear. Cars like Mercedes and Audi with more costly parts also attract higher maintenance packages.

What Does a Maintenance Package Cover?

As explained, you can carry out basic maintenance at home. However, your maintenance package covers other repairs. Here are some of them:

1. Replacing tyres

Your maintenance package should cover regular tyre replacements and, in some cases, punctures. Remember to carry out this replacement at an approved centre to ensure you are getting quality tyres. Read more about What are the best car wrap colours?

2. Oil top-up

Lessees sometimes feel like they can handle this part of maintenance independently. But it may be better to have this covered so you don’t have to deal with the dangers of forgetting.

3. Servicing

As part of the lease agreement, you must service the car following the manufacturer’s recommendations. Your maintenance package covers this so you can meet the required standards.

4. Breakdown

Breakdown happens at the most unexpected time, but your maintenance cover ensures you get support in these situations.

5. Brake pad replacement

Managing bad brake pads can be extremely dangerous, but you wouldn’t have to do this with a maintenance package.

Common Maintenance Exclusions

Similarly, maintenance packages contain exclusions. You may not be covered for the following:

  • When damages are caused by your mistakes, e.g. incorrect fuelling
  • Stolen wheels or tyres
  • When fraud is suspected
  • Broken or missing items
  • Damages that exceed normal wear and tear


Maintenance packages save you the stress of servicing your lease vehicle. They are worth it, especially for high-mileage leases where the vehicle may be subject to greater wear and tear and increased risk of damage compared to lower-mileage vehicles.

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