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The Optimal Health Benefits of C60 Oil for Pets

by Eric

Keeping your pets happy with the right products!

When it comes to our pet’s health nothing is more important than making sure that we as owners are providing them with the best possible supplements and medicine out there on the market. It is estimated that 68% of U.S. households have a pet and that every year each household can spend an average of $182 to $410 on veterinary bills, if not more! A pet’s health issues can be expensive to deal with, therefore, preventing them is of utmost importance.

What is C60 oil and why should you give it to your pet?

C60 (also known as Carbon 60) is a molecule made up of 60 carbon atoms and its layout forms a molecule shaped like a soccer ball. This shape gives it unique properties, allowing it to hold materials inside. The C60 oil for pets is an antioxidant that can help and prevent a lot of complications that often arise naturally in pets, keeping your loyal furry friend at its prime!

What does C60 oil do?

There are many benefits that come with providing your pet with 100% organic C60 oil, from battling infections to helping with many other aspects that make a dog or cat’s life the best it can be. When it comes to this powerful antioxidant, there are only good things that can come from its use and your pet will surely thank you for it! The C60 oil has been known to fight inflammation, secure longevity for your pet (in both its energy, health, and more) and, of course, protect your pet from many other possible age-related difficulties! Some of the c60 oil benefits for pets are:

  • Helping Your Pet Detoxifying
  • Protecting Your Pet’s Nerves
  • Fighting Inflammation And Improving Longevity
  • Improving Skin Health And Free Radicals Protection

Why should you choose C60 oil for pets?

Whether you have a dog or a cat that you call your best friend, their lifestyles and environments make them prone to inflammation, toxins, etc. Helping prevent (and providing support to combat) these natural deteriorations is in your best interest to keep your dog or cat as healthy as can be! Oils such as the C60 oil for pets that are, not only, made with 99.99% carbon fullerenes (which are never exposed to solvents) but also 100% organic is the best way to help your pets fight off the diseases, infections, and inflammations that can come with their daily life.

How does the C60 oil affect cats?

Cats have a very similar cellular level to humans, therefore, they can also greatly benefit from its use, however, there are quite a few added benefits that cats can have from this such as:

  • Helping with osteoarthritic inflammation in the joints and supporting injury recovery
  • Helping reduce obesity and stress
  • Supporting coat and skin health

What’s the right dosage for dogs and cats?

Even though C60 is a fantastic organic antioxidant product that provides your pets with many benefits, it is important that you administer the right dosages for maximum impact! Usually, giving your dog or cat a tablespoon of C60 oil for pets every morning (on an empty stomach) is the best time to do so because in the morning is when their liver functions are functioning optimally.

The best oil to fight toxins, inflammation, and infections!

As we mentioned before, C60 oil for pets is 100% organic, coming from olive oil, and being a very powerful antioxidant! Because of this, it can truly help your pet fight everyday toxins and inflammations, preventing their health from deteriorating much faster than otherwise. Antioxidants such as these are incredibly important for a dog and cat’s health and should always be a must-have in any pet owner’s household.


Cats and dogs are incredibly prone to infection, inflammation, and more, all due to their very nature. Even though these are things that are not so easily controlled, that does not mean that they cannot be prevented and it is up to you, the owner, to help them with that! C60 oil for pets can help you support your pet’s health by providing them with this powerful antioxidant, helping them battle all the nasty agents that surround them every day!

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